Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 67 um, I fell off the healthy wagon.

Well, I fell off the wagon this weekend, fairly hard. I think my bum knee must have caused me to lose my balance. I had one or two glasses of wine....well a little more.....OK OK a lot more!  I also had lots of snacks, mindlessly eating while having a few drinks at a party. Mini Reese peanut butter cups are awesome and taste like heaven. Three of them jumped in my mouth and banged themselves around my teeth and then slivered down my throat! Can you believe that?
Add that to my bum knee and not going to the gym for 4 days, I feel like a humungous hippo-cow.


OK, so I am back on the wagon, and even though I can’t run or bike, or do a million squats and lunges in my crazy drill sergeant class, I will do yoga (uhg-yoga makes me all too aware of my gut!) upper body, and abs until my knee gets better.

Unfortunately my scale was accidentally smashed, so I have no weigh in today, darn it.
Actually, this is a good thing as I would probably be in a psych ward if I see that damn number go up any higher.

Dairy and gluten are out of my diet for a while. I am trying to narrow down this food allergy; I have a sneaky suspicion that dairy is the culprit. This makes me very sad as I am in love with cheese and want to marry cheese and have little cheese babies.

Mmmmm cheese...except blue cheese, barf! Why do you want to eat mold? Sick!

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  1. Hopefully its just the lactose! Then you can still have yummy cheese (lactose free)! It will save you from that horrible rice cheese (barf!!)