Monday, September 27, 2010

You need a fit healthy happy body.

Well, as you know, most days I enjoy making fun of the work people in my day to day life, making fun of their excuses, their reasoning for eating shit-food, their constant complaining about being fat while they eat KFC and don't dare move an extra inch. The one 'reasoning' I hear more often than anything else is someone saying it’s OK to do something—as if you are being rewarded, know what I mean? When there is crap-bad-for-you-but-taste-so-good-food in front of you? Here are some examples:

"It is OK to Splurge once and a while"

"You deserve a treat"

"Come on, let lose for one night"

"One cupcake won't kill you"

"You're on Vacation"

"It's your Birthday"

"It's my Birthday"

"It's Christmas"

"It's Thanksgiving"

"It's Easter"

"It's a new moon"

"It's my second cousin's neighbour's son's old college roommate's best friend's dog's birthday, eat up!"

The excuses and reasoning go on and on. But when you think about it, why is it that we regard crappy food as a "treat"? Why would you choose to 'splurge' on nothing but fat and sugar? Because this is what has been drilled into our heads from a life time of "it is okay". I still hear people say this to me, and usually I fight back with some smart ass remark such as 'Oh, I am a healthy eater, so I deserve to eat your apple pie with ice cream because I deserve to be fat?" The other day someone at work offered me a donut (go figure) and I of course said no, (but in my head I said "no you can have my donut as your right ass cheek isn't fat enough") she then said "perhaps if I didn't eat so many donuts I would look fit like you"

Awwwww Shucks!

I responded "yes, if you eat healthy and stay active you would definitely be fit".

She shrugged and grabbed a SECOND DONUT, saying "I have had a rough week".

Why!!!! WHY!!!! Why are our brains sabotaging us with such ridiculous statements? A friend of mine has always said "nothing cures a shitty day like a good workout" and she is 100% right. You have a bad day, you eat crap, you feel happy for the few seconds you eat the crap, and you then feel guilty. OR you have a bad day, you go to a rocking work out and sweat that crap-day right out of your system, letting your exercise endorphins bring you happiness, you then feel satisfied, and better about yourself. Let’s face it; the majority of us have jobs that cause us pain, whether it is stress, overworked, underpaid, donut pushers, etc... Many times it is easier to go home and drown your sorrows in a bottle of wine and some BBQ chips, but this is what fat unhappy people do. Not super awesome fit bitches! So the next time someone gives you the "EXCUSE" to eat crap food, remember that you are awesome and don't NEED their food. You need a fit healthy happy body.

You do not need crap food. You need a fit healthy happy body.

You need a fit healthy happy body.

You need a fit healthy happy body.

You need a fit healthy happy body.

You need a fit healthy happy body.

You need a fit healthy happy body.

You need a fit healthy happy body.

You need a fit healthy happy body!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today I got in an argument about using olive oil to pan fry food, because someone at my work is going home tonight to have perogies fried in bacon fat. Fried in bacon fat left over from last night’s supper. I got snarked at because “bacon fat adds flavour”. Honestly, I am exhausted from listening to these unhealthy unfit people try to rationalize their intake of such crap. I simply asked “have you even TRIED using a healthier oil that is good for you?” the answer was a shocking “no”. Then they started talking about things fried in bacon fat, and started moaning and groaning like it was big O time. Sick! Gross! Barfffff! They don’t even realize what they are doing, saying, sounding like. After I comented on the orgasmic bacon lovin’ sounds. They said “it’s better”. Bacon fat is better than sex? Things fried in bacon fat are better than sex??? What is wrong with this world??? What kind of sex are these people having?

Please dear god help these people.  This obsession with bacon is creepy:

Bacon flavoured mints, gum, vodka, lip balm, dental floss???? Ick!

(no, this is NOT me)

* All oils have different smoke points.  Olive oil is best for low/med cooking and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best for drizzling over food.   For higher heat oil use canola or refer to this chart:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Am I...."obsessed"? No. I am 100% normal.....right?

Luckily I have many friends that are "get fit & hot" obsessed as I am. I like this, and I appreciate it, especially when other people make me feel like a weirdo (which is every F'ing day at work). Recently a friend and I where discussing our mild obsession, and she mentioned that she is tired of hearing people say "you look fine".

REALLY THOUGH!!!! I am so sick of hearing people say 'you look fine' or 'you're not fat' or 'you look great for your age'.

I don't have kids, but if I did and someone said "you look great for having two kids" I am pretty sure I would kick them in the eyebrow.

If you are one of these people that mutter these words you need to shut the hell up.

Saying any of these statements doesn't make a woman feel good. Don't believe me? Think about every wedding you have ever been too, and every bride you have ever spoke too. Have you ever said "beautiful wedding, you look fine" or "I love the venue you picked, you're not fat" or "congratulation, you look great for your age".

These are not compliments people!

Back to my conversation with my friend who said she is tired of people saying "you look fine", she then said "I don't want to look fine, I want to look fucking awesome".
Don't we all? If you had your choice of looking fucking awesome or fine, which would you choose?
Remember that when you are deciding whether or not to go for a run.

(And to clarify, I mean fine as in "I was sick this morning, but now I feel fine" not homie g-funk saying fine as in "Damnnn Girl, yous is lookin Fine!")

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feeling guilty?

After eating something less than stellar, take a look at this page, feel better about yourself, and then go work out:

Big chest to small chest :(

Why, why do we have to lose weight from our boobs? This is unfair. Dear universe, my boobs are fine, stop taking fat from them, please start taking fat from my ass instead. Perhaps you could just shift my fat around? Move thigh fat to my boobs? Please?

I was just told that cinnamon also regulates blood sugar preventing crazy spikes and crashes! Add it to your smoothies and oatmeal!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ass Kicker!

Unfortunately I just so happen to be friends with the best cookie baker in all of Canada. She makes these mouth watering cookies that look like they came out of a dessert magazine spread, and I am not sure what smells better than fresh baked cookies, or any fresh baked good for that matter. Of course, you cannot have just one of these cookies, as they are that flipping awesome.

Bad fit bitch!

So, way too many calories later, my same cookie-master friend introduces me to a workout that will surely burn off those extra calories and then some. Insanity. Have you heard of this workout? Well, let’s just say, it is appropriately named.


And that was just the 10 minute fit test.

Actual workouts are around 40 minutes; I think I may actually die when it is time to do the actual workout, as that 10 minute fit test was a killer.  This will kick your ass!  Trust me.

Wish me luck!