Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So it starts. Holiday leftovers brought into the office. Why is everyone against throwing food out? Is it because many of us were brought up hearing: “Don't waste food”, “Food cost money”, “Throwing away food is like throwing away money”, and (the most popular): “There are starving people in Africa". Yes, well not everyone in Africa is starving, and there are starving people here in our own country you know.

My Mom used to tell me there were starving people in Africa when I would leave those stupid peas and square cut carrots on my plate, I would yell back at her "Well send them this food then!" She would get so mad at me for being an ungrateful brat. It doesn't matter if the food goes in my belly or into the garbage, you already cooked it, you already paid for it. It is not going to make a difference to your wallet, or to the kids in Africa, if the food goes in a belly or in a trash can. Are the starving bellies in Africa going to magically get full if I shovel these peas and carrots in my mouth?
All my fellow office people are bringing in all their leftover holiday snacks, you know the ones that were not good enough for everyone to eat? The ones that have been sitting in their house over the holidays and now they no longer want, but have decided people in the office will want it? Or maybe they are bringing the snacks in because they made the “lose weight” resolution and they have cleaned out their own house, but then get mad because no one else in the office eats it? This is like when you go to a garage sale, and the people there are selling all their junk that they themselves no longer want, but expect other people to want it.

“Hmmmm, I have a half a plate of pumpkin pie, I will bring it to the office, someone there will eat it.” GOD! I wish these people would resolve to F off. I hate them.

DAMMIT. I broke one of my resolutions.  I forgot I am supposed to not hate these people.

If you are full, or if you have had a decent portion size, throw the rest away, or save it.  Do not "eat it as there is only one left" or "you don't want it to go to waste".   You are not going to feel better for eating it, nor will you feel sad for getting rid of it.

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