Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 62 Bloaty McBloaterson

Working out when you are bloated and gassy is like swimming with a winter jacket on...sure you can do it, but it is hard and you feel like a whale.

Stupid lentils for lunch.

To make this workout class more interesting, the instructor decided to throw in a surprise abdominal work out, just to make my bloaty-belly feel its absolute best!

Being a bloaty whale today, I deserve huge snaps for managing to lug myself to the gym in the first place. I am covered in a baggy t-shirt and lose lulus as skin tight luon and bloat-tummy shall never meet. The girl next to me looks like she just fell of the Jillian-Michaels-look-a-like-contest-bus, and she does the 'advance' version of every option the instructor gives us. Sigh, yet another girl I hate but want to be just like.

I would hate her less if she was wearing more than a sports bra and shorts smaller then my undies.


  1. That girl is in every class I go to, and shes always right next to me. Damn her. One day I hope to catch up to her :)

    LOVE the title. I go around using phrases like this all the time, especially with my dogs. Fatty McFatterson. Naughty McNaughterson. Sleepy McSleerson. I could go on all day. LOL

  2. Snap!! Try chewable Gas-X, works wonders. (and they are yummy).