Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 63 and my Conscience

Conscience : Get your ass to the gym
me: I can't, too sleepy
Conscience : You are a fat ass
me: Boys like big butts and they cannot lie
Conscience : They don't like big rolly tummies
me: this is true. I will go tomorrow.
Conscience : Don't be a lazy cow. Be fit and healthy-stupid!
me: fuck

I cannot get my sleepy head to the gym if I don't go directly from work. It is like my house locks me up in a warm cozy food filled cocoon. Then, once there in my cocoons of awesomeness, the excuses start to roll in....

If I eat light and super healthy for supper, than its OK if I don't go to the gym
If I clean my house for an hour, than that is better than sitting on my butt
If I do laundry and walk up and down the stairs carrying it, then that works my quads

Silly excuses. Like I am going to walk up and down my stairs carrying 20lbs of laundry for an hour straight.

It is amazing how easily we can talk ourselves out of working out when we just don't feel like it. And honestly? There are not too many times when I actually feel like going to the gym. I cannot wait for beautiful summer so I can fill my activities with fun stuff instead of classes and stationary machines that are filled with meat heads and hookers.

My new rule is just go. Just go to the gym. JUST GO. I am not allowed to think about it. It doesn't matter what other activity I have planned for that day and can’t show up for nice and sweaty. It doesn't matter how tired, or how many asshole clients I had to deal with, or how many breakdowns I had in the boardroom over SWOT analysis nonsense.

I just have to get there.

Once there....the anti gym reasons are piling around me: it's raining, there is no parking, it is teen night, the gym is packed, there are kid’s lessons in the pool, I am hungry, I forgot my headband. ARHG.

I need to search deep for motivation some days. I know it is there, one time I went to the gym and worked out with no gym socks, no sport bra (D cup, wasn't fun), and no hair elastic. That is motivation! Why can't I pull that motivation out when I most need it?

I try to remind myself of all the reasons why I need to work out and push it:

1. Duh, to be hot!
2. To stay healthy
3. To not fail on the get fit project or the lose weight resolution
4. To be thankful I have my health, and am able to go the gym.
5. I can't just wake up and run that 10k! Train Train TRAIN!

What motivates you to get your butt to the gym? or out for a jog? or what ever it is you do? Can you mail that motivation to me?

I am off to the gym now, really I am going.

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  1. Here's my list on 'what motivates me':

    1. My mother: Sometimes when I don't want to work out, i call her. She gets mad and says "you have 5 minutes to get your gym clothes and be out the door. I'll even stay on the phone with you. if you don't go, don't call me and ask me if your fat, cause i'll already know the answer". Harsh!!! i know, but it works for me (and my mom thinks i'm beautiful fat or skinny so it's all good.)
    2. a sexy ass in my jeans!! When I gain weight, the first place it goes is my ass (which my husband love and I'll never understand why). I hate having a huge ass in jeans. It needs to look great like is does when i'm skinny.
    3. I LOVE to sweat. I know, disgusting right! But its such an endorphin release.
    4. A New gym outfit is super motivating
    5. A New lady gaga song is great for the treadmill.
    6. Miss I-already-lost-my-new-year's-resolution-weight is also a HUGE motivator.
    7. I enjoy not feeling like an elephant.