Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 61 & Confession # 2

Confession # 2:   I NEVER eat fast food...

Well, that is if I don’t include the odd breakfast bagel when I am running late for work . Or when I am road tripping. Or those Sundays when you are hung-over, and you know what the only cure for a hangover is!

The argument at my office today was over this statement: “even experts say it is OK to have fast food once and a while”.

What ‘experts’ say that?

Someone (not me, I bit my tongue through this whole conversation and deserve a medal for such) replied to this statement saying “I think once a week is OK”. The argument went on about how often should you eat fast food, and what fast food is acceptable, and the famous line that people LOVE to say to you when you are discussing unhealthy food:

“Everything is bad for you now-a-days.”

I hear this sentence so often from so many different people, then only people I don’t hear it from are those who actually DO eat healthy the majority of the time. It is like a constant excuse that makes people feel validated in their choice of crap food. Almost as if they are trying to retaliate towards healthy eaters.

It is no F’ing surprise that fruit, veggies, lean meats, whole grains, and lots of water is better for you than candy, fatty snacks, fatty meats, refined carbs, and pop. There is no one out there that will successfully argue that junk food is better than healthy food. It just doesn’t make sense! “Everything is bad for you now-a-days”, somehow saying this warrants choosing to eat crap. This particular “EIBFYNow-a-days” speech started the same as the rest; bashing vegetables:

“Botulism is in spinach.”
(Please, wasn’t that one case YEARS ago?)
“There are pesticides on the fruits.”
(There are pesticides in your food too, do you think McDonalds uses organic potatoes and free range chicken?)
“Mushrooms grow in shit.”
(They grow in composting manure, not human feces.)
“Vegetables are boring!”
(Well, sure, if you only eat raw broccoli and celery sticks.)

It is amazing actually listening to people defend their eating habits; I know I am ready with facts and remarks prepared to jump down someone’s throat when they comment on mine. I love listening to the banter between vegetarians and meat eaters, sushi eaters and people who hate seafood, my absolute favourite argument to hear? People on Atkins vs. Anyone not on Atkins.

If only I could have an Atkins Dieter and a Vegan in the same room.


  1. i don't agree that akl fast-food is bad for you. Because of the recent health craze (well, over the past five years) and thanks the fatties in the US, many fast food joints are offering healthy alternatives to what we once remember 'fast-food' to be. However regardless of what's on the menu, people simply don't know what they should and should not be eating. Even sushi is fast-food now-a-days.
    P.S. Don't tell me you're 'for' Atkins Dieters....I may have to have serious talk with you. Yes, it works, and yes, it's amoung the worst diet plans out there!!

  2. The fast food in question here was burgers and fries.
    Why would you think I am 'for' Atkins when I am a vegetarian this week?