Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do you eat when you are sad? Or starve? (Eat right?)

Hardest time to eat healthy?

Road Trips?
When really bad news is received?

I don't know what is harder, sticking to a healthy clean diet during celebrations and happy times? Or the bad sad times. For happy times you want to share in the celebrations with lots of good eats and drinks, but with sad times I actually find it worse, I mean it’s not very polite to ask my grandmother to make a different meal for me because minced meat pie is not only disgusting tasting (taste like a meat egg roll soaked in gravy) it is also fatty, and full of crappy ingredients like margarine and loads of white flour (also, if you have seen Sweeny Todd, you don't ever want to eat meat pies anyway). However...not the best time to be food picky as more important things are happening. So instead I would casually place piece by piece of meat pie on my dad's plate when he wasn't looking. My mom saw me do this and did the same with her margarine soaked no taste bread, but she promptly got caught as she is not the stealth food Nazi I am. Thank god there was salad on the table that I gladly ate 4 bowls of.

During the sad times (in this case a funeral for my grandfather), food will appear out of nowhere. Friends and family members bring boatloads of food, no one cares if it is healthy because everyone is so preoccupied they forget to eat and prepare meals, and then they realize they are starving because it is 7pm and they haven't eaten all day...well, the tray of sweets (whoever brought those lemon square bread things need to never ever make them again, I don't want to eat your lemon garbage when I am sad!) and the tray of mayo-white-bread-sandwiches start to look pretty tasty. Or in my case, many meals of grapes, cheese, and veggie sticks.

A week at home with my family and funeral food, with no exercise (other than the half ass push-ups and mild yoga stretches I could do at about 10pm when I was alone in my room) equals a very unwelcomed 2 pound gain. If this trip wasn’t worse enough due to the circumstances, I also had to see and speak to extended family members, some that I haven’t seen in over ten years, well, when you are a chubby kid/teenager (not to mention how much bigger your boobs are when you are a chubby overflowing underwire pinching double D cup, compared to my now almost full C cup) and you then move out of province and no longer see or keep in touch with your extended family, you come back home, thinner, older, and probably a little taller, well it is beyond annoying. “Oh you lost weight” “Well don’t you look different” and my favourite line which was blurted out in a room full of people: “How much weight did you lose? 20 pound? 30 pounds, tell me!!!” Do they think I am unaware I have lost weight? Is it a shock that my hairstyle and body is different than that of ten years ago? One of them (I don’t know...second cousin twice removed?...actually said “oh, you where a lot chubbier back then” (ARRRRHHHG) I had to remind myself: this is a funeral, don’t tell her that is better than being a fat cow now. Instead smiled and said “well, you haven’t changed at all, same haircut and everything” (A nicer insult, but she didn’t even notice, just patted her teased-half-bangs and smiled). God, who are these people? Oh

Boot Camp Class starts soon, maybe I can lose two pounds per class?

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Still eating McDonalds? This video shows the breakdown of popular McDonald menu items. The video is a little longer than it needs to be, if you don’t want to watch the full 5 minutes, I will just tell you now: Food breaks down; McDonald fries do not, at all, not even a little bit. Don’t eat them, ever.

The hold that McDonalds has over the general public is amazing. We all ate there as kids, had fun birthday parties, and played with what was probably a pervy out of work ex con dressed up as a weird yellow clown man who hung around a purple blob and some burglar man who stole hamburgers and it was normal and accepted by society that this mascot was an all out thief? Many people at my office (adults) still eat there (gross). For lunch one woman had a big mac, supersized fries, 10 chicken nuggets (dipped in a concoction of bbq-sweet-and-sour-mayonnaise-ketchup –do-it-yourself-dip), apple pie, supersized coke, AND a milkshake. FOR LUNCH!!! The woman that was eating with her said, and I quote, “you should have got a healthier meal like me” and she was eating (kid you not) filet o fish, supersized fries, and a supersized diet coke. Because that is healthy, unrecognizable square breaded deep fried “fish” (a.k.a.: pieces of crappy fish such as Pollock or is a Hoki fish?) topped with process cheese on a while sugar flour bun, with fuck knows what sauce. With non decomposing fries, sugar ketchup, too much salt, and a chemical drink to wash it down with. Mmmm, healthy! I hope they threw it up afterwards.

It amazes and saddens me that people out in the world think that McDonalds has GOOD food. I mean, have these people never been to a restaurant? Like a real restaurant? Not fast food joints or pubs or your local crap bar? Can you imagine if the highlight of your eating life was going to McDonalds? Sad. Very very sad.
11 days later, no additional weight loss.  Sigh. Am I going to have to enrol in bootcamp?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weight in day (booo)
2 pounds lost (yay)
I don’t want to jinx anything, but I started this food diary/exercise tracker I have lost 2 pounds. In one week! More than I have lost in two months. So apparently calories in less than calories out IS what works.