Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 48 (wowza) First entry of 2010!

How did everyone perform over the holidays? I am happy to report that I gained no weight over my two week vacation. Even though during Christmas holiday’s I did eat more than normal, and was not as 100% strict when I was eating out in restaurants, I managed to still work out, and walk around (shop) a lot.

Did you make any resolutions? Did you resolve to lose weight? Get in better Shape? Stay in good shape? Go to the gym more? Eat healthier? Every year I make the same resolution, EVERY YEAR! Every god damn year I resolve to lose weight. Start off strong, and then just stay around the same weight. I don’t want to hear anyone say “but you look fine” I DON’T CARE, I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT.

But this year, THIS YEAR, will be different. Right? RIGHT! I can do it, you can do it.

MILLIONS of people every year resolve to lose weight, most of them keep it up for a few months (some only a few weeks) a very small percentage actually loses weight. I am going to be in that small percentage this year! Next year will be my first New Years where I don’t have to make a resolution to lose weight (yay)! How Awesome.

Bitchin’ 2010 resolutions:
Run 10k
Drink more green tea
Be super fit and healthy
Lose weight (duh)
Stop hating people who are unhealthy (I will break this one tomorrow)

Since I was such a good girl this year, Santa gave me a pair of lululemon running socks in my umm sock, normally I don’t name drop, but I must say...they are like cushions of air around my feet, I am madly in love with them and would like to purchase a whole drawer full, unfortunately these floaty seamless super soft socks cost $14 each, so I am now taking lululemon sock donations, the men’s please as the women’s socks are silly colours.

Wearing my magic socks, I went on the stationary bike and plugged in my headphones to watch some TV. Scrolling through the channels, deciding NOT to watch anything on the food network, I landed on a movie that I so dearly love, and am embarrassed to say: 13 going on 30. I know, I know....I can’t help but love it, and apparently I am not the only one as one other stationary bike goer, and a elliptical bobber, also where tuned in to MTV to watch said movie. I have figured out my cure for machine boreness: find a movie you love and watch it. I was on that damn bike for 50 minutes, doing level 9 with intervals to level 15. I would have stayed on longer, even for the whole movie, but they gym was way busy and Stinky Sweaty McSweatyson next to me was polluting my odour free air.

Now that it is January, everyone has joined a gym with the good intention of losing weight or getting in shape. Luckily this isn’t my first January at a gym and I know that the influx of wannabes will slowly fade out, and I will no longer have to sign up for a machine (so lame).

I also asked Santa for some cheap sweaters for the gym and not expensive ones as I throw them around on the floor, wipe my sweat up, and hang them on the gross gym equipment (where only once it got caught up in the pulley system, bending the zipper so I had to wear it undone for the rest of its gym life). So, knowing that I may destroy these sweaters, Santa got me these two ‘yoga’ type jackets from Costco, and they kick serious ass. They are thin, and comfy, and stretchy, and cheap so you won’t feel bad if you use one as padding for your butt when you are doing V-sit barbell presses on the floor. I love them and can buy one whole jacket for the same price as my new lulu socks (???).

Fit Bitch Blog is uber cool now with it’s very own twitter page, or tweet? Twit? What? So if you have a twitter account, become a follower. If you don’t have a twitter account, don’t get one as it may consume your life, and really you aren’t friends with ALL the people you are following. How up to date do you really need to be? Remember how much free computer time you had before facebook?


  1. My new year's resolutions:
    1. Drink Less Alcohol (i.e. 4 glasses of wine/ week)
    2. Start work at 8am (instead of 9am)
    3.. Spend less money on clothes and restaurant outtings
    4. Lose 10 lbs before May 1st 2010

  2. OK: I did gain some weight over the holidays but weighed myself today and back to normal! I am now on a 30 day intense program that includes NO BOOZE! (I know right!) Anyway, today is day 5 and I am feeling good. This weekend will be the test!

    Other resolutions:

    1) Save instead of spending everything;
    2) Go on an amazing stress free vacation somewhere fabulous;
    3) Stop nagging AJ so much;
    4) Run all winter and beat my brother in a race in the spring!

    And lastly, buy myself some lulu socks haha