Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have followed this rule since I was a youngin. Usually by only drinking water and Diet Coke (this was before I realized how horrid aspartame is). But now that I am a sicky-sooky-poo, I have been drinking only juice, water, and smoothies, trying to sooth my ridiculous sore throat that feels like I drank a razor blade and vodka cocktail, I am reminded why it is so important to NOT drink your calories.
Everyone’s caloric intake level is different. I am going to use 2000 calorie per day diet to illustrate my point.

Yesterday I drank 1 litre of pure fresh squeezed juice full of vitamin C, some pomegranate juice to up my antioxidant levels, and a berry smoothie mixed with omega and fibre, and ice tea. Do you know how many calories that is? 1500. That is right. 1500 calories that I drank. How many calories do you drink? If you are drinking coffee or tea with sugar, juice, cocktails, let us not forget wine.

So, when you have a full day of digesting nothing more than juice, water, and cold medication, you might become a little loopy. Case in point:

1. I tried to pump soap out of the paper towel dispenser at work

2. I then was waiting for the tap to turn on because I thought it was a motion tap, even though I have been using that same bathroom for 6 months.

3. I was at the pharmacy trying to pick out cold medication, and I was comparing the medical ingredients of the no name brand to the medical ingredients of the brand name one (why? There was a $10 difference, and yes the ingredients were exactly the same) and it took me about 3 minutes before I realized I was reading the French section. Nope, I don’t know French.

4. I took a wrong turn on my way home, A WRONG TURN! I drive home the same way every workday. Wtf?

So now I am curled up on the couch watching a movie. Hopefully my body burns calories off trying to fight this cold.

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