Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 102

Have you seen the new McDonalds commercial where the four assumable hot girls get dressed up, go to an art show, and then go to McDonalds to eat nuggets and fries? Right. When was the last time you and your girlfriends got dressed up and went to McDonalds on a Saturday night? Or got dressed up and went to McDonalds period? People who go to art shows don’t eat at McDonalds. And girls dressed up for a night out don’t eat at McDonalds. The only times four girls go to McDonalds are:

1. They are in junior high

2. They are fatterson slobbymcgees

3. They are poor white trash

4. They are super duper hung over

These commercials irk me. McDonalds is the official (ahem) “restaurant” of the Olympic games? Or the sponsor? Or something ridiculous like that? Oh, eat like an Olympic athlete OK, I will go to McDonalds and gorge myself on 3000 calorie meals. Stupid.

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