Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 123 Crappy workout day

Did you ever have a day where you literally just couldn’t work out? Your body hates you and doesn’t want to move, your brain wants to shut down, and your lungs no longer know how to inhale properly? This happened to me yesterday; I tried to go for a run but I struggled the whole time and I had to STOP after only two kilometres. WTF? How does this happen one day and another day you can run 5k with no problems? Why is it that some days its easy to do an ass kicking bootcamp class, but others it’s a struggle to do a push up? Does my body hate me?
Yes, my body does hate me. Why? Because it holds onto too much fat, when it does decide to let some fat globules go, it lets them leave my boobs first and my ass last. It also loves to lie around and be warm and eat and eat and eat. Stupid body.

So remember my little computer virus? Remember how you are supposed to ‘back up’ all your work? Even after that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie lost all her work? Oh, and even after my last laptop crashed and I actually did lose a tonne of work. You would think I would learn to back that shit up (my work, not my ass).

But alas, I am still an idiot and lost yet more work, and within that lost work? My gawd awful video where I did the whole measurement thing. Now I have to do it again. KILL ME!!! So cruel! I have to yet again measure my bust, waist, love-handles, hips.....excuse me, I need to go throw up. How un-fun and uncomfortable it is to do such nonsense. So my body and I have a very painful date tomorrow, one that I am not looking forward too.

Stupid Body!

Which will soon be a smoking hot body, right?

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