Sunday, March 28, 2010

Think again when you have a crap-food-craving

Do you eat fast food once and a while? A burger and fries from McDonalds perhaps? Well, you might change your mind after you see this:

Does that look a picture of a Happy Meal from 2009 and then a picture of another Happy Meal in 2010? It is. But it is the SAME happy meal. That is right. A blogger on a website called ‘Baby bites’ bought a Happy Meal and put it on her shelf and let it age for one year. So this 2010 photo is the Happy Meals first birthday.


The bun is crustier, the fries look wilted, and the patty is darker, but that is it. The blogger even said that it didn’t smell at all (well, other than the smell of fries the first few days). There is no mold no bugs eating it. Why? Well, even bugs and mold know that there is no nutrient value to the crap. And bugs and mold eat pieces of poop for Christ’s sakes! They like poop more than Happy Meals. Happy Poop.

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  1. Thank you for this. Something I needed after my pitiful week.