Thursday, March 18, 2010

Skinny minny here I come....maybe?

I purged my fat clothes (well, my clothes that are one size to big) so now I can’t gain any weight back or I will have to walk around naked (and we all know how I feel about nakedness, I was so one of those kids who swam with a T-shirt over her bathing suit).

I threw out (donated) one whole garbage bag. Go me! Can I write that off as a charitable donation?

I now fit into some pants that I had saved in the closet for when I am skinny again, and some of them fit which made me scream out loud, and my BF yelled “what’s wrong” and I yelled back “my skinny jeans fit” and he said “What? Jewellery in your shit?” and I laughed so hard I popped the button off my I have to lose a few more pounds clearly! I no longer like the style of said jeans, which really shows how long it has been since I fit into them. Sigh.

So now I have to buy new pants, but I hate shopping for clothes, it depresses me, and I hate those changing rooms where they don’t have mirrors in the change room, and you have to come out to see the mirrors and then the sales ladies are all up in your grill about how fabulous you look, but really you look like gelatines mess. What a nightmare.


  1. do what i do, buy it and bring it home to try on in the privacy of your own home/mirror/lighting, then take back what you don't like!! i swear it works!

  2. or just wait, and we can go shopping together when we're home! :)