Monday, March 15, 2010

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I heard the funniest story in the lunch room the other day, it was all I could do to NOT yell out “OMG I AM PUTTING THAT IN MY BLOG AS SOON AS I GET HOME” but then I would blow my fit bitch cover and would no longer be able to secretly bitch about the goings on in my crap job.

So, a lady at my work said that her daughter (who works as a nurse) brought a bologna sandwich on white bread (I know right?) to work, and one of the other nurses said to her “you know, you can really tell a person’s class by the type of lunch they bring.”

Pfffft BAA HA HA. Now, I know that is a bitchy thing to say to someone, but come on! That is funny!

So of course we spent the rest of the lunch hour sizing up and joking about each other’s lunch and to my happy surprise, Smokey McGee said to me “hey, can I ask you healthy questions?” I almost peed my pants in anticipation waiting for her to ask me about whole grains, or sufficient protein, or how many calories are in her deep fried chicken wings, eeeek what what?? ASK ME!!!

“Is bologna healthy?”

Yes, that is why we are all here making fun of it and the reason you see so many people eating it, fat, nitrates, and sodium in mass quantities are good for you.

Luckily I didn’t have to provide an hour long answer as the lady next to me (one of the two other people in my office that don’t eat like a ravenous lion with Prader-Willi syndrome) provided a simpler answer: “No, it isn’t”

She must have noticed the blank stare on my face and the whirlwind of possible smart ass answers going through my brain.

So, back to the ‘class’ statement, this does hold some truth, of course most people would never point this out, especially when said low-class-lunch-holder is in the room. I remember my own mom feeding us bologna sandwiches back in the day. I could probably look around the lunch room table at my elementary school and see the same bologna and cheese slice sandwich in at least 4 other grubby hands. But nowadays, one should know better. Even if bologna was my absolute favourite food, I would never eat it in public!

I wonder if she will ever bring a bologna sandwich to work again?  I am pretty sure no one at my office will (thank goodness).

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