Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good internet

I was curious to see what most people thought of sugar hiding in all their products and what people actually know about sugar. So, I conducted an extensive internet investigation (um, I used Google) to see what I could find, these results make me feel really smart:

1. People think brown sugar is healthier than white sugar
2. People don’t know that sugar comes in a billion other forms
3. People are surprised that sugar is in packaged vegetables
4. People are clueless that sugar is in salad dressing, sauces, etc...
5. The internet told me that 76% of the sugar people consume is ‘hidden’ sugar

My goodness the internet is smart! But the internet also showed me the “Cookie Diet” and that is just balls out stupid.

Now, us fit bitches know that sugar is in everything. Right? Yes you know this as I complain about it 18 times a day. HOWEVER, IF we need to sweeten something, what can we use? Natural sweetners are better than fake ones right? If I went and sucked on a fresh cut sugar cane (which I actually got to do once in the Dominican-so yummy) that can’t be as bad for me as eating white granulated over processed table sugar...can it?

Pure maple syrup, honey, stevia, agave nectar, sucanat, pure sugar cane juice...are these better for me? I mean, they aren’t processed, and I am all about eating whole natural food right? Natural complex sugars, the kind found in fruits take longer for your body to break down and digest, just like whole complex grains, and are considered better for you then simple sugars (just like complex carbs are better than the simple carbs).

I would have to argue that Stevia isn’t processed though, I starts out as a green leaf and then it is a white powder, clearly some processing happens to turn it that way or did it naturally change like Michael Jackson? Soy milk comes from a little green bean, so processing is fine...but over processing isn’t? God, no wonder people are confused and think that brown sugar is healthy and it’s OK to pour it on their oatmeal.

However, all these natural sugars are still sugar. Sugar that morphs into carbs which morphs into fat if you don’t burn it off with some exercise. Sugar that contains calories, albeit natural calories, people will still choose the fake chemical sweeteners over natural, why? They have no calories. None. Nowadays people are used to consuming chemicals. They think if it is sold in stores and not regulated (like cigarettes or alcohols) then it is fine and dandy to eat. How can aspartame be bad? It is in everything?

Did you know heroin was once available over the counter? Heroin is made from a little poppy flower, which is natural, so heroin is good?

So really I am back to square one, and I didn’t learn anything different.

Eat healthy natural food, watch your portions and don’t OD on calories, make sure to work out, OK internet, I got it!


  1. What do you think about French women? In that book, it says French women don't get fat, but they have some of the sugaryest, yummiest desserts around!?? What is your wisdom Fitbitch?

  2. You know what is funny? I am starting this new page for Product reviews, and that book is in it. I will write a post for it right now.