Monday, March 8, 2010

Upgrade to this website in the works!

I will soon have a “product review page” and this will have my personal reviews of different things I have tried, books read, and just my candid thoughts on them. I am posting one of the reviews today as I was asked what I think of the book “French Women don’t get fat”.

This book is a French woman bragging about how France is better than America and why French women are better. She loves France so much, but lives in America, works in America, and I believe married an American? Basically the book just cites the differences between the French and Americans and although it is interesting to compare the two cultures, it isn’t a diet book.

Her main point is that the culture of eating food and dieting is just different from the way North America Works. In France (and not just France, many other countries are the same) it isn’t uncommon for one to spend more money and buy better quality fresh food (think of all the markets in the streets). It isn’t normal for them (and other European countries) to sit at McDonalds a few times a week, go through drive-throughs, eat mass produced transfaty products that have a shelf life of 15 years. They eat more for pleasure and to actually enjoy and savour their food and the company they are with. Not rush through a burger and fries and a supersize coke because they can get all that food for $6.

This isn’t to say there are no fat people in France, just a smaller percentage then you would find in America. France has an obesity rate of about 10%. America has about 30% so when you are comparing France to America....huge difference. But France share the same obesity rate as quiet a few other countries. Japan’s obesity rate? 3%. Canada: 14%.

These stats are from 2005
These opinions are my own.

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