Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When does running turn into jogging?

Alright, today’s run went much better, 5k again. But, can I count it as 5k if I stopped once to down some water and once to put my jacket back on?

So, today on my running journey, I decided to go running in a different area where I usually don’t go as it is really hilly and I am a big baby. I took a wrong turn on the running paths and came to a dead end (why would a path just end abruptly? Weird!) so I had to turn around, and when I did I saw a man running towards me, and I knew that we were going to hit the fork in the path at the same time and therefore be running side by side. Great.

Of course he decides to start talking to me. Talking effortlessly, while I am dying for air, and clearly he is slowing down to keep up with my turtle ass, obviously he is a seasoned runner as he is wearing running gloves (who wears those?).

“So do you live around here?” says pro runner boy

Are you kidding me?

“uh (pant pant) yes, I live over there” and motion to an area to my right, then look up and realize I live nowhere near where I just motioned. Whatever.

“I live over in blah blah blah, I don’t run here every day blah blah blah, do you run here every day? Blah blah blaaabity blah new home construction blah blah blah”

Shut up please shut up please don’t make me talk anymore

I intentionally slow down a little more, AND. HE. SLOWS. DOWN. Gawd! Thankfully there is a turn coming up, I try to judge which way glove runner is going to go and I opt to sneak right at the last minute, yesssss I am free to pant and puff on my own.

Are you kidding me? This is another dead end. I am never running over here again.

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  1. yes it definitely counts as running, pit stops and all! if you do the running room things they get you to run for 5 minutes and then WALK for 1 minute and so forth!
    way to go on keeping up with the running! so proud of you! i just haven't been able to get into running this season yet :( soon! maybe, lol