Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gym membership over...

Today was the last day of my gym membership. Although I will miss my awesome circuit class instructor from drill sergeant hell, I won’t miss the other massive annoyances I have found there. Today, I thought about renewing my membership, but while I was taking turns between the hip adductor and the hip abductor this man wearing a pair of rapist glasses thought it would be sociably acceptable to watch me open and close my legs on said machine. CREEPY! Also, it seems that I missed the memo, but did you know that it was bedazzler day? Yes, there were multiple jewelled paraphernalia and ‘gold’ rimmed clothing. Apparently I am working out in Kanye’s personal gym.

Grown men and woman wearing beaded jeans, hats, anything is completely moronic. This is akin to adults who wear items with Mickey Mouse or Tweety Bird on them (TACKY!).

So, now I have just my membership at my climbing gym, a sport where my long monkey arms actually benefit me rather than hinder. I am still thinking about doing the P90X workout....but it turns my whole body to a sore pile of no bones. However, I would rather be sore and hot than fat and comfortable so I guess I just have to get off my ass and do it.

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