Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cheap organic please!

So most people out there (as in the general public that most of us hate) are not as smart and educated like us Fit Bitches. They still eat their breakfast--if they eat breakfast at all (no a cup of coffee doesn’t count) as if they are a fourth grader from the 80s, you know what I am talking about: pop tarts, corn pops, white toast smeared with cheese whiz. The sad thing is that these people are clearly the majority, and majority rules. This is why there is so much crap on our grocer’s shelves, and there is one measly aisle (about 5% of the whole store) that is SOMEWHAT catered towards our needs.

We need more people to choose healthier options; the more people that chose to buy proper whole natural good for you food, the more aisles it will take up in the grocery store. YAY! There is a whole aisle for JUST chips for crying out loud. Chips get their own aisle! My goodness!

Mmmmmm chips.  I mean, BAD! BAD CHIPS!

Think about 20 years ago, did you even know the word organic? I didn’t even know boneless skinless chicken breast even existed then. 10 years ago I thought that saltine crackers where good to eat, in fact I thought all crackers where good to eat, as they were crackers, and crackers are healthy, ya right, so are muffins and bagels!
Even 5 measly years ago, the selection of healthy food was no where nears as easy to come by as it is today. Just think how much easier it is going to get! If we all make better choices now, we can get there sooner.

You know how we look at our grandparents and say “OMG, you had roast beef and gravy with butter dosed mashed potatoes for supper 3 times a week?” Well, our grandkids will say “OMG, you used to eat food made with hydrogenated oil? Ha Ha Ha, did your elementary school have “hot dog Fridays” too?

Yes, for $1 we got a hot dog and a can of orange pop, then we went out and played baseball with no helmets and swung on swings that were made with finger jamming chains and if we fell we landed on crushed gravel.

Times change, let’s help our food change quicker.


  1. How do we help speed this up?

  2. We the consumer choose what gets put on our grocery shelves. The less crap we buy, they less crap on the shelves. The more good stuff we buy, the more good stuff on our shelves.

  3. Why aren't there more SMART HEALTHY people buying @ the grocery stores??? The chip aisle is set up so that it is perpendicular to all the other aisles therefore @ the end of each aisle you get slapped in the face with a bag of chips! Come on Farmers Market please open soon!