Sunday, February 28, 2010

Um, actually...I like the Olympics.

OK, I totally retract my “sick of the Olympics” comment, after today, watching the montage of winning moments, people crying, the patriotism, I am a little sad the Olympics are over. Everything looks so much better in slow-mo with ‘I Believe’ playing in the background. That cute speed skating couple screaming and hugging each other with major ass tapping after they won medals? ADORABLE! Seeing Canada erupt with absolute joy after Crosby scored the winning goal for gold, sigh. Why didn’t I go to Vancouver to be part of this?

So really I am just sick of the constant sports on TV, I am not at all sick of people loving Canada and seeing people uber excited.

Definitely these super fit athletes have motivated me to keep on keepin’ on with this get fit now movement, and I want to be an Olympian too! I looked at the list for the summer Olympics in London, and I think I could probably learn archery in 2 years. That looks semi easy.

This is Day 101. Can you believe that? Although I have been stuck around the 10 lb loss rate, I can tell I am getting fitter, stronger, and looking better. I have upped my working-outness so hopefully that 10lb loss plateau will leave me alone and I will be skinny and super hot in no time.

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