Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Belay Test PASSED!

With flying colours!  Now to practice the actual climbing aspect, I have little weakling fingers which don't do a great job of holding my massive ass up in the air.  I will have to start doing finger push-ups.  I can't wait to go REAL climbing in the Rockies, I am going to get cute girly gear and tape my fingers and look totally cool like I am an expert and scale the side of mountains every day, belaying like a pro.

I hate my gym more and more every day. I am going to stay home and P90X my way to a rocking body as this whole working out with the general public is making me want to poke needles in my eyes. So, I am paying $45 a month, and had to deal with the following sillyness:

1. A drunk 17 year old acting like an annoying whore in the steam room (she put her make-up on in the change room BEFORE she went into the steam room, so she had racoon eyes whilst she was offering blowjobs to the men in the steam room).
2. A ten year old boy in the female change room (yes, there are ten year old girls in this change room. INAPPROPRIATE!
3. A cleaner washing the floor with a mop and then using said mop to wash the lockers and benches.
4. Snobby false sense of entitlement teenagers who try to school newbie wall climbers in the proper pronunciation of BELAY!
5. Gum in the water bottle holders EVERYWHERE

On the plus side, by gym has the following bonuses:

1. I kick ass circuit class that makes my cry for my mommy it is so tough
2. A climbing wall (so fun)
3. Um, I can only think of two bonuses.

Has anyone done the P90X workout? It is brutal and not easy at all. 90 minutes a day of intense, hard, too-crazy-for- me working out, there are DVDs filled with different workouts for different body parts that you do each day. I have done a few of these, and have been so sore I couldn’t move the next day. Sigh....I must be a masochist to try this again.

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  1. Pink does p90x and did u happen to see her smokin, crazy, strong, ripped body at the Grammys?? That will be you! This is char btw.