Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 76

A little snarky pimply teenage totally gave me attitude today. I was at the smoothie bar at my gym today and asked for a smoothie in a small size. Mr. Smoothie advised me that I can’t have that particular kind in a small as they only have four pre-portioned KID sizes, and if I want a KID size I will have to order from the snacking menu. I mentioned that I don’t want those, and he snarled “A Large is like almost two dollars more you know”.

Yes, you little brat. I am aware of the prices you have as they are listed directly after each smoothie in dark bold numbers.

I explained to brat-face that it is not the price of the smoothie, it is the fact that I don’t want to eat that much mushed fruit, juice, and yogurt. He then looked at me weird, as if most normal people can drink their massive freezing smoothies and not get brain freeze while they finish it before it melts into sloppy liquid.

Who decided that a litre of smoothie is a normal serving? I have never finished one. Yes, I understand fruits are good for you, but you do not need to eat too much of a good thing, especially if it is the evening, do you really need 400 calories and 40 g of carbs in your system when it is close to super time? In the morning, before a mountain hike, yes, carb it up. But at 6pm at night? I don’t want to eat that much right now, why can they not provide at least two sizes?

So I ordered a “kid” smoothie with a shot of protein powder and calcium and also a shot of wheatgrass.

Did you know that an ounce of wheatgrass has the same nutritional benefit of 2.5 pounds of leafy vegetables? Yes, 2.5 POUNDS (well, that is what the internet is telling me).

Totally worth the few seconds it takes to chug back a shot of green slime, come know you have put worse in your mouth!

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