Thursday, February 18, 2010

Climb baby climb


Wall climbing is awesome.
Try it.
However, it is hard to type with my Jell-O arms and raw fingers.

Here are the following things I learned today:

1. It is possible to take pictures with one hand while your friends life dangles in the other

2. A lot of hot guys climb

3. Climbing guys love climbing girls

4. Sorry, most of the girls climbing were really hot

5. Your ass actually doesn’t look as bad as you think it would all strapped in and spilling out everywhere (muffin butt as my friend calls it)

6. Trust me, when you are 30 feet up in the air balancing on a nubby the size of a kiwi, you no longer are self conscious about anything relating to your fatty bits

7. When you and your girlfriend beat three big guys in a climb, it is so satisfyingly good you may need a cigarette afterwards

8. It is actually really easy to learn, and you can progress at your own pace, even if you are partnered with someone who is way better than you are, you can also be in groups of three

9. You will have super sexy arms and shoulders that will make that little black dress look even better

10. You look supper cool. Period.

I do feel like I still have a massive wedgie however, I am assume the better I get, the less times I will fall causing the harness to ride up my ass.

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