Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wow, what day is this?

I went to a health show today, and have had my fire-to-be-super-healthy stoked. Typical of any sort of trade show you see, there were a lot of great booths filled with information, samples, education, and free stuff. Then in between all the goodness was a lot of crap that I just don’t get, such as: Aura picture taking, Palm readings, Reiki massages, and the stupidest thing I have ever seen: wearing certain coloured stones around your neck to help you achieve something that you want. God, just because I want to learn all I can to be a healthy super woman, doesn’t mean I am an idiot and think I can become thin because I have a blue stone on a piece of string around my neck. I will get a pink stone, a blue stone, a black stone and then I will be a rich and skinny with an over active sex drive. Ridiculous! Almost as ridiculous as the ‘Honey Hand Cream’ that will make your hands so soft and not wear off after you wash your hands that it is worth $40 for a 700 ml pump. Please! I tried it, my hands are still dry. $40 for some hand cream, really? Who buys this?

Is it a new thing to be a life coach? Life coaches seem to be popping up everywhere now, like Asian tattoos in this 90s. What type of credentials does one need to be a life coach? Do people just wake up one day and decide they are qualified to guide other people towards a prosperous life where they can be all they can be? This has to be one of the dumbest job titles out there, right up with Subway employees being called Sandwich Artists and bartenders calling themselves mixologists. Last night I decided to make a vision board, a sandwich, and a cocktail. OMG, I am a life coaching-artistic-mixologist!


Although... I could be considered an idiot as I spent $8 on some organic yam and carrot soup (so good btw!).

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