Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 89

Fat old unhealthy guy at my work: There is birthday cake downstairs, did you have some?

me: no
him: why not, its carrot cake, and you are eating a bag of carrots
me: yeah, that’s the same
him: I am surprised your skin isn't orange
me: carrots don't make your skin orange
him: they do if that’s all you eat
me: I don't eat a lot of carrots, I eat a normal amount, just because I eat more carrots than you do does not mean that is all I eat.
him: I know that isn't all you eat, I am just kidding.
me: do you want a carrot?
him: no they are really high in sugar
me: are you kidding? they are a vegetable, they are full of good stuff and the sugar is natural.
him: nah, if I am going to have sugar I am going to have a third piece of cake.
me: you realize that isn’t the same thing right?
him: sugar is sugar
me: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU FATTY (no, I just quietly munched my carrot as I have given up)

I swear to god, this is what I deal with on a daily basis. Isn't carrot cake exactly the same as eating carrots?! Just like eating blueberry jam is the same as eating fresh blueberries. Hell, don't even get me started on strawberry daiquiris!

Thankfully I derive pleasure in knowing that I will soon look majorly hot. But, why is it that when My body decides to shed some pounds and tone up a bit, the pounds are shed from my boobs and not my gut? My upper torso looks like it belongs to a skinny person, and my lower torso looks like it belongs to an old Kirstie Alley pre Jenny Craig (and apparently post Jenny Craig if I am to believe the tabloids). This is natures sick sense of humour telling me "you will lose weight how I decide bitch!" uhg, yet again another reason why people get so discouraged. Almost 90 days of being a super healthy nut wanna be, and still I have so far to go. Why can't I just wake up and be skinny?

How many more days until bathing suit season? 120ish? 120 days to lose 120 pounds, a pound a day, that is realistic right? ;)

OK OK OK, new short term goal, 15 lbs by swimsuit season...of this year...I need to establish what date will be considered swimsuit season start....June 21?

Please advise.

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