Thursday, February 25, 2010

My pants are falling down

Is anyone else sick of the Olympics? I don’t want to see anything going fast on snow for a long time, I mean, how exciting is it to watch a bobsled go down the same track over and over again? It’s only exciting when people fall out of them, and that is because it is scary.

Also weird: There are grown ass men, all tough and burly, drinking their beer and sucking their chicken wings just GLUED to the figure skating....what?
Anyway, I fully support the arts, so I am fine with this. It is just weird. Moving on....

It is almost day 100. Can you believe that craziness? I should have done a fitness test or something at the beginning of this Get Fit Project, like they do on TV. But I wasn’t smart enough to think of that. I will just have to put up a fat before picture and a hot afterwards picture....sigh....not there yet. But getting there :) today I wore a pair of pants I haven’t worn in a while, and I didn’t realize it this morning (as I am usually in a sleepy coma until recess) and as I was walking towards the photocopier, they started to slide off my butt! How embarrassing. I spent the whole day:

1. Frustrated that my pants wouldn’t stay up
2. Happy that my pants wouldn’t stay up
3. Trying to fashion a pant-holder-upper device out of paperclips and staples

You know I am going to throw them in the hamper, and then once they are clean, I will hang them up in my closet forgetting that they do not fit me, and try to wear them again! Like that damn grey pair with the hole in the ass that I keep forgetting about!

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