Sunday, November 15, 2009


What is the “GET FIT PROJECT”
It is me, trying to get really fit. Weekly progress reports are posted to the site, along with my fav recipes, food list, and exercises done. I have changed my diet, from being kind of healthy but still indulging in a lot of things I shouldn’t (aspartame, a lot of caffeine and coffee and diet pop, refined carbs, white sugar, lots of alcohol, and my weakness: chips (sour cream Lays to be exact, mmmmm) I am not someone who has ever been really big on fast food, ice cream, and many sweets, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have them from time to time. I came to realize that just because I don’t stock my own cupboards with pastries and junk, I still have them as snacks when I am out and someone offers them to me. My biggest diet nemesis: my office building!
My office has the densest population of unhealthy people I have ever seen. Chocolate bars and Cans of Pepsi are consumed as 10am snacks all the time. We have two SEPARATE companies that come in bi-weekly to restock the snack bar, or to sell us separate special junk. We have a pop machine that is not stocked with anything other than pop. We have three gourmet coffee machines that although serve green tea (unfortunately taste like an old wallet) and decaf coffee, they also serve many flavoured coffees and sweet drinks, there is no milk provided, only cream, and there is an abundance of white sugar to stuff into said coffee. Also, all Fridays are a smorgasbord of Tim Hortons' finest powdered treats.
Many of my ‘bitchings’ are from days in my office, the rest are just snippets from my life as I battle the bulge. I am by no means skinny, but I am also not a big fatty. Before starting this project, I was already active and knew what I had to do in my diet. It is simple, eat fewer calories than you exert. It’s the only way to lose weight, this is why anorexics loose so much weight; they take zero calories in but expend 1500 to 2000 a day (more if they work out). Approximately 3,500 calories is equal to one pound. So clearly you need to eat fewer calories, burn off more calories by exercising and voila, just like that you will be skinny. So, can I do it? Follow my progress on this blog. I hope it provides you with some good ideas, recipes, a place to vent your frustration should you want to leave a comment, and not to mention some comic relief on the everyday struggles of dieting or being healthy.

I have been asked a few times "why the drastic change?" the answer is simple: To Be Healthy.
A healthy diet can help you with the following things:
Clearer skin
Better immune system
Reduction in allergens
More energy
Better life

Let us find out if this works!


  1. I saw Jamie Oliver this weekend - and he was AWESOME!! He is so inspiring! I heart him! If he ever goes to Calgary, you NEED to go see him. The biggest thing he was talking about was eating less processed food, making more meals made from scratch, and leave out the fast food and soda pop. Someone asked about how to get kids to eat healthy and what he said I honestly think applies to adults as well. Don't call it healthy, call it real food first off - really who wants to eat a healthy piece of celery or a delicious (and here's the key word) Treat like a chocolate bar? So I think you have it right when you were talking about eating natural foods. And he said dieting doesn't work, it's got to be a lifelong type decision, and eating properly versus any of the fad diets you mentioned is how you succeed.
    I'm proud and excited for you! Good Luck Babe!
    I guess I'll be trying to do this with you from here (minus the running in the morning part - F that! lol) - how are you charting your process? by weight, measurements, or just overall feeling better & healthier about yourself? do you have a particular/specific goal?
    loves ya & miss ya!
    PS i laughed out loud at some of the stuff you wrote - i actually need you to do your cubicle dance again and take a picture for me.
    WAIT, I just read your weaknesses again - are you giving up alcohol? out of all the things you are trying to give up, that is the only that makes me cry a little! haha

  2. Thank you for the comment. Yes, that cubicle dance actually happened and it was funny. Luckily it was the type of thing we could just laugh off, thankfully it wasn't my boss who caught me!
    Process is being charted by everything: weight and healthy feeling. There will be pictures to follow as well. Measuring your body parts is more depressing then stepping on a scale so I refuse to do so.
    Only giving up alcohol for now! Everything in moderation.
    Except aspartame.
    And Crappy food.
    Jamie Oliver is a huge pioneer in the war on healthy eating. He has done school programs, training, books, he is great (I would like him to cut down on the oil he uses sometimes, ha ha...yes, I know it is olive oil and good for you, but enough is enough).
    Glad you are inspired by him, and I am happy to share my journey with you.