Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 4 (ever so sleepy today)

It is 6:30 am. I have hit my snooze button 4 times.
(Every morning I am amazed at how easily I can find a tiny little snooze button in my dream induced groggy state, but when I am supposedly awake and alert, I can’t find my purse or my jacket or my sneakers, which in comparison, are very large items I should have no problem finding.)
Four snooze hits may not seam like a lot, but at 15 minute intervals, I have slept away an hour of my morning. The hour I was going to use to (groan) get up and go running. This seams like such an easy feat. Why can’t I muster up the discipline to do this every morning? In the summer it is not so bad, it is warm, sunny, and green outside. But now it is dark, cold, and brown. UHG. I jump out of bed, annoyed that I missed my morning run. OK not that annoyed as I heart sleep and warmth. As soon as I get out of bed I am hit by a Mac truck of hunger pains. Now that I am a health-nut-in-training I don’t eat after 8pm (yes, I know this should be 7pm, but I don’t get home until 6pm, so I have set my cut off time at 8pm, leave me alone) so in the morning I am absolutely famished. I head downstairs for some uber healthy breakie: organic cinnamon flavoured wheat squares (Kashi Brand), vanilla soy milk, and a banana. I am sure I will be told that I shouldn't have a banana as they are “nature's junk food” but my diet regime now is natural. I just eat natural food, no processed crap. While I am eating this cereal, I realize that I am a bonehead and put regular milk in my cereal instead of soy milk. BARF! This now taste like plastic. I eat the banana pieces out of my cereal and throw the soppy milk filled wheat squares in the garbage (which I am sure will not go over well with my boyfriend as he is taking the garbage out leavening a trail of cinnamon flavoured milk drops behind him, oopsie).
Oh how I would rather be eating a warm blueberry scone with melting butter on it.
I look out my window to assess the weather and I count four female runners. FOUR. These people must not have jobs, or are stay at home moms, there is no way they get up and run before work in this weather...right? I want to be them.
Maybe if I stop making excuses and hitting 'snooze' I could be them. I could run into them in the morning and we would laugh about how are lulu's match and then we would be best running buddies.
Oh dear, on of my BRBs just spit on my driveway. I hope she trips over her stupid pink laces.

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  1. You are too cute, and yes sometimes a bonehead!
    I say take the extra hour of sleep if you want and run in the evening...would your body like that better?

    Also, I tried the 7pm cut off and found it too early as well! I think the moral of your blog today is we all need an extra hour...