Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eating Healthy Rule # 8 (also, this is Day 10)

Eating Healthy Rule # 8
Don’t eat with boys

I sit down to eat supper with my boyfriend and his friend, for what I know will not be a fun night, for one, sports are on in the background, and for two I really want to eat pizza and drink beer. So, for our respective dinners:

I have:
Steamed beans
Some ww pasta ravioli stuffed with brie and herbs, no sauce, no oil, no pesto, nothing but chopped fresh tomatoes, yellow pepper, onion, garlic, and pepper
A grilled boneless skinless chicken breast (duh, is there any other kind? Bones and skin are skeevy)
A glass of water with a lemon slice

They have:
Hawaiian Pizza
A bottle of coke

I know right?

Boy #1 says:
His pizza is healthy as the crust is multi grain.
His pizza is healthy as it has pineapple on it.

Boy #2 says:
Nothing , as he lives with me and knows better.


I retract my need to lecture him about the differences of whole grain vs. Multi grain and I instead point out the fact the not only does he have many empty calories on his plate, but he has no vegetables. Where as my plate is loaded with about 3 servings of vegetables giving me lots of vitamins and fibre, which you need to poo properly you know. I ask him what else he had to eat today.

He ate:
X-Large double double
Sausage breakie sandwich
Apple fritter
3 junior bacon cheeseburgers
1 large fries
1L of grape Gatorade
1 large rootbeer

I ate:
Two eggs with spinach and mushrooms
A salad with grilled chicken, chick peas, snap peas and tomatoes
An apple
10 almonds
A lot of water

He = skinny
Me = fat

Why. Can someone explain to me why this is? Do not give me the reason “woman are supposed to store fat for their babies” BS.

I finish my dinner, go out to the kitchen and lick every piece of pizza that the boys haven’t eaten yet (careful of course not to get any grease on my tongue) . As I walk away, he has the nerve to say:
“maybe you should try a piece, its working on keeping my ass small”
“HAVE FUN POOPING BRICKS TONIGHT! I HOPE YOUR ASS CATCHES ON FIRE!” I yell, feeling very satisfied that I put my spit over his next piece of pizza.

Now I am going to find his toothbrush and rub it in the toilet.

(just kidding)

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  1. really you had to mention bodily functions not once but twice?? lol, you know how i feel about that! haha
    i would heart a bacon cheeseburger right now! eating healthy here is not going so hot for me this week. sigh, i guess i need to take a 3 hour grocery shopping trip (haha). i did buy salad today :) now to actually eat it and not let it rot!
    the podcasts i was telling you about - check out Delicious TV Veg (video) -> try the fruit 'n Nut Carrot Salad, looks yummy!