Monday, November 16, 2009

The Get Fit Project. DAY 1

After going through hundreds of pictures from our recent Caribbean vacation, I have come to a very important conclusion.
I am fat.
Well, not heifer size fat, but fat enough that I have graduated to the tankini swimsuit and any pictures of me where I am wearing my bikini-bikini are now buried on the cutting room floor. The only pictures that have made it passed my rigorous screening are the ones where I am in the pool and you can only see me from the boobs up. Yes, if you rock the cleave and have the water cover your belly, shoulders back, chin up, and have the perfect make-you-look-skinny shot.
This is it, I have had it. Starting a diet, ya ya ya, same old same old, which diet should it be this time, counting calories? low carb? low fat? no dairy? cayenne pepper and molasses? OK just kidding about the last one, I didn't actually try the popular-yet-disgusting-sounding-lemonade-drink. I mean, even I have limits, not eating solid food can be saved for my 94th birthday cake smoothie.
This is get fit project day one. No more caring what anyone else says. If I want to eat a bag of carrot sticks for lunch and eat the green tea leaves in the bottom of my tea cup to suck up all the metabolism boosting goodness I can, then so be it.
No more agreeing to eat where ever my friends/boyfriend/coworkers want to eat, and absolutely no more "it is my birthday, you have to have a piece".
I always strive to be healthy, I say I like yoga, but really it annoys me, my gut gets in the way of all the good poses and I really hate hearing everyone breathe loudly, it is creepy. But, since I am a total health-nut-wannabe now, I have to give it another try.
No more running a few times a week...OK a few times a month. Hard core all the way.
Let us see how this goes.

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