Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 12

My sides are KILLING me today, I did way too many oblique exercises yesterday (well, actually I probably did just the right amount), and every time I move or laugh I am reminded of them. Also, I apologize for the short post today, but I have had a massive city-wide traffic jam today and I am getting home well after 8pm which has thrown a huge wrench into my Friday night meal plan and workout. Grrrrr.

Still no cravings yet, well that is until I came home and saw a beautiful glass of red wine waiting for me. Yes, it was very hard to not gulp it down, especially since I just spent THREE HOURS in extremely stressful traffic. But, true to my pledge to go HARD CORE, I did not have any*.

For your enjoyment, please read the following list of lunch and snack items I saw around the office today:

Chocolate pudding with Reese's Pieces mixed in (I kid you not).
Left over Kraft dinner (I know, I didn’t know adults ate this either).
PB and Jam on white bread with that gross chicken noodle soup (you know the kind with the weird perfect squares of pinkish “chicken” ) with a half sleeve of white saltines crumbled up and mixed in until it was soppy cracker mush (Ba-ARF)
And an apple (yay)

I also had the following conversation:
Me: “Can I have a veggie or fruit tray for my birthday? I really don’t want you to buy a cake I am not going to eat”
Manager: “No”
Me: “Why not?”
Manager: “Because there is a bunch of birthdays that month, and we will buy one big cake for everyone’s birthday and celebrate them all at once”
Me: “Oh, well that makes sense; can I just have a mini veggie tray for me then?”
Manager: “No”

? I don’t know if this is a joke or not, but stay tuned until cake day, or as I am now calling it “Forceful Empty Calorie Remorse Day” and we will see if the little 'inconvenience' girl gets her way.

*This is the one hard core rule will be broken for a few hours on my bday, why? Because I am turning 30!!! I told the people at my office I was 28 and that I am actually turning 29, but somehow they found out, dammit! There better not be a huge HAPPY 30TH birthday cake on my desk or I am going to seriously lose my shit).
This rule will also be broken over Christmas.
It is the ONLY rule that is allowed to be broken.

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