Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get Fit - Day two

Well, so far so good, 48 hours of healthy living and eating. I have been off work for two days, and tomorrow, when I am at work, shall be a better test. Not only are remnants of Halloween candy circulating the office, but I am lucky to work in an office that has really good coffee, I mean, really good! Different flavours, individually brewed on a per cup basis, the smell is enough to make you sing from the rooftops. But since I am giving up caffeine, sugar, & sweetener...the regular 8 trips I make a day for said coffee has got to stop...that yummy coffee is out of the question. My coffee will be replaced with teas (green, chai, oolong, etc...).
I DREAD the beginning days when clients and companies start sending our office Christmas chocolates and candies, and the staff party where you will be expected to eat whatever is put in front of you.
Holidays deserve their own blog as they are torture to every dieter out there.
If you are as unlucky as I am, your office is filled with unhealthy drones that desire to be nothing more than what they currently are. I wish they could see the benefits of being healthy, maybe just get off their ass for ten minutes a day? Stop with the cancer sticks? Eat veggies once and a while? They don't cringe at the idea of lunch dates at McDonalds, or pastries for breakfast. It is hard to be surrounded by this type of mentality when you want to make healthy choices.
Constantly the battle, arguing with people who can't understand why you don't want a piece of their double fudge decadent chocolate cake topped with sprinkles. Um, empty calories much? Trans fats, laden with sugar?
"Oh, one little piece won't hurt"
Sigh, these people make me want to kick puppies!

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