Monday, April 12, 2010


Dear Canada,
Thank you for NOT having the new KFC Double Down available.
Yours Truly,
Sane People

Wow, my friend sent me this picture and all I could do was cringe. Debuting today (in America) this gross sandwich has stupid people excited.  You can order it with a side of fries and a defibrillator.

Two deep fried chicken breast, two slices of processed cheese, 2 slices of bacon, and KFC’s “special sauce” topped with a lot of saturated fat and a day’s worth of sodium, how can you not want to eat this? MRPPPHHHH ....excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth.

Items like this exist because people buy them, those people are stupid, or they are stoners.

Do you know what else is a weird item high in fat, calories, and sodium? A McGriddle, what the hell? Maple “pan cakes” as the bun with sausage egg and cheese between them? GROSS!

Why can’t people understand the sickness of these fast food items?

Have this for breakfast, a Double Down for lunch, and a burger and fries meal for supper, and then make an appointment for a gastric bypass and check yourself into the ER for your heart attack that is about to happen.  A lot of those huge sloppy fast food burgers contain over 1000 calories. Throw in fries, a drink, a dessert if you are still alive, and you are on your way to being shaped like a huge ball of fat globules. Ew.

Did you know that a Burger King large chocolate shake has almost 2000 calories? 2000!!!! That is over a day’s worth for some people. Don’t ever eat this crap. EVARRRR!


  1. I also the threw up in my mouth when I heard about the "Double Down". It would be awesome if you wrote about fast food that is FIT BITCH FRIENDLY! It would take some homework but you could get your readers to help you.

    I only suggest this because there is always a day where you get stuck eating something from a fast food establishment whether it's Starbucks, Subway, Quizno's, Wendy's, Tim Ho's etc. There might not be good choices but there are definitely better choices than others. IT would be great to have some ideas on this!

    Great blog.
    Reader who sometimes eats out

  2. Great idea for an article, I will work on this for you and other readers that need to eat out from time to time (really, who doesn't).
    Thanks for the idea, and thank you for reading!