Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day.....I have lost track?

I am finally feeling better, and am back on solid food so I thought I would go buy some fresh fruits and veggies. While in the grocery store, there were two young girls (8-11ish) shopping with their mom, and the girls were voluntarily checking he nutritional information on the back of items, taking note of the calories, checking the ingredients, and then I heard one of them say “Oh my god, Mom these are soooo bad, and they have trans fats too” and then she slammed the box down on the shelf. I want to take them home and make them my kids. Then take them to my office and make them teach a heating eating class.

Two months until my 10k! Time to beef up my workouts and get my ass in gear! Oh man, its two months until swim suite season also! EEEEK!

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