Thursday, April 15, 2010

Little Changes

Did you know that a large Tim Hortons' Double Double has 230 calories and 12 grams of fat? There are MULTIPLE people in my office alone who drink XL DDs everyday! I can’t even fathom this. I love how nutritional information is available with the click of a button, albeit not always exact, at least if helps give us an idea of how many calories are in those ‘quick’ food choices. Just switching your cream to milk would save you about 11 grams of fat and nearly 200 calories! These little changes add up!

Now, I know not everyone has a Tim Hortons across the street from their office, and perhaps not everyone has an office full of drones who walk in with Tim Hortons in hand everyday and then gorging on donuts during meetings (oh, this week guess what? No donuts....instead we had cookies, fatty huge Subway cookies, at 8:30 in the morning. Do you think they allow their kids to eat this for breaky?).

So let’s say you frequent Starbucks or Second Cup, whatever your choice is, those morning coffees and lattes can add up. So if you are one of those people that have one a day, let’s say 5 a week, and they each have 200 calories (this is for the sake of easy math). Also, you have an hour lunch break where you hang out in the lunch room on your butt eating.

Stop having the additional 200 calories

Go for a walk at lunch and burn about 200 calories

(Walk fast, for about 40 minutes. That gives you twenty minutes left to eat your lunch when you are back. The amount of calories burned depends on your weight and how fast you walk; again for the sake of easy math I am using a ‘burnage’ of 200. For more exacts results tailored to yourself, go to a calorie counting website, I like

So by not consuming 200 calories, and walking off 200 calories you have a daily calorie deficit of 400. 400 calories gone by midday and you haven’t even worked out yet! Doesn’t seem like a lot? Well, if you do this Monday to Friday for ONE month you will have burned 8000 calories. Now, that is a lot! Just over two pounds lost to be exact! All because you stuck to your guns and went for a daily walk and didn’t have your morning double double!

Little changes help. If you don’t drink a double double, well give up something else that is around 200 calories. Can give up any more calories? Go for a walk, it will negate those calories you drank!

This is a new rule I am following this month. I don’t drink double doubles, but I usually have a Kashi bar or Lara bar or some kind of healthy sugarless bar, and they are around 150 to 250 calories, so I am cutting those out.

I swear to god if I don’t lose any more weight by Monday I am going to hurt someone.

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  1. I went from double double to single single, I can't stand milk in my coffee so I downgraded.