Friday, April 23, 2010


I am writing from my office today, how inappropriate. I really have never worked anywhere that loves donuts as much as this place. It is like I work with a bunch of Homer Simpsons. Yet again someone is giving shit to the people who AREN'T eating the donuts she brought in. I should record people and play it back to them so they know how ridiculous they sound.

OK, no more donut talk ever.

First bike ride of the year happened. Lets just say the following:

1. I forget how to breath when I am biking up hill. Must work on this as breathing is essential.
2. Legs are Jell-O and do not work the way I need them too.
3. Biking is awesome

Firms up the ass, gives you a good cardio workout, you can sit down, legs are getting a workout, going downhill is fun, and you look cool in mountain biking gear with mud and dirt all over you. Biking with all my extra poundage really makes me want to work harder to lose it so biking will be easier (I hope).

I joined a 'biking group'. A group of gals that put together different trail rides twice a week and also hold clinics on how to be better (better at biking, not a better person). I think I may even enter a race! Entering a race or any kind of event will push you to practice and get better, and lord knows I need the push. Plus a picture of me in bike racing garb will make a fabulous facebook profile pic.

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