Monday, April 12, 2010

Need a new scale...

As you know my last scale “broke”, it was one of those god awful analog scales. So I decided it was time to buy a new digital scale. I need to make sure I am staying on track here. My friend told me she got one at Walmart for $20 so I figured that since I am cheap, I would do the same. Well after I walked around massive Walmart and had the following events happen to me:

1. A kid jump out from hiding in a clothes rack and yelled ‘boo’ and then giggled like a maniac until I lunged toward him with death in my eyes.

2. A man asked me where the electronics section is, I said “does this heels, suit, and lack of a blue vest outfit LOOK like I work at Walmart?” he gave me the once over and said “no” and just walked away. Later in the parking lot he got into his pick up that had a ‘shit happens when you party naked’ bumper sticker on it. Score!

3. I watched a white trash couple fight over Corn Pops and Fruit Loops cereal, and never more in my life did I wish that I had the ability to record and post a video on youtube with my phone. Damn you Research in Motion!

4. I overheard two girls discussing the sustainability of blow up furniture vs. Bean bag chairs for their parties (oh to be in college).

So for an hour racking my brain as to where the scales would be, I finally found them (in the Hardware section, duh) where the cutest most adorable non English speaking old Chinese man helped me find a price of the only suitable scale that would look remotely OK on my bathroom floor, I grabbed a weight-bmi-how much water is in me (?) scale, thanked old Asian man who said “you no need worry about weight” (awww) and went to the cash, where of course it rang in about $100 more than it should have. After trying to argue with the lady that “no no it is $20” (apparently no one at this Walmart speaks English) she wouldn’t let me have it for said price. Defeated, I walked out of the store and went to a Drugstore, Home Outfitters, and a shoe store (what?) and sadly I found no $20 digital scale. There is no way I am paying $80+ dollars for something that is going to make me mad every time I use it.

So now I don’t have a scale, which means I don’t have to have that dreaded weigh in today, and that makes me happy, however it does not help my weight loss goals, I will keep looking for one so I can use it next Monday so I can either have a fantastic day or a really crappy day.


  1. try loblaws - that's where i got mine . . . wait did you say you went to a drugstore too? they usually have them, you need a better drugstore.

  2. They had them, they were just too much for my wallet ;)