Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Um, actually....I DO enjoy myself!

So I was having a conversation with a woman I work with, she asked me how I stay so skinny when I eat so much food (I am not skinny, I am just thinner that she), and I replied “I eat healthy and work out” and she looked at my blankly and said I must work out all the time, I answered “no, but when you eat healthy, it isn’t as much of a problem”. She then said she would rather enjoy herself. This is a woman who complains she is fat and has health problems. She then said that I was missing out because last night she watched 3 movies and for supper she had Kraft Dinner which had nacho con queso cheese dip mixed in and topped with bacon and shredded Tex Mex cheese, and then made a face like she just had an orgasm. She looked over at my face (which probably looked like I had just swallowed a wad of drain hair) and she said that “It is too bad I am not able to enjoy such food”.

Enjoy? Such food? That does not sound appetizing at all. Not even a little bit. I really wanted to respond by saying “You know, you are right, I would MUCH rather be fat and sit on my ass all the time just so I could eat that meal”.

Why is it that fat unhealthy eaters think that skinny healthy people are not “enjoying themselves” ?

I LIKE having a grilled piece of salmon with roasted veggies, it is fucking delicious! Baked vegetarian pasta, veggie stir-fry, vegetarian chilli are so good. Having a healthy sandwich and salad is not a pain for me. It makes me feel good to eat healthy, why? BECAUSE IT IS GOOD. Not enjoyable is eating deep fried mass grown chicken body parts dipped in sugar sauce with deep fried fries dipped in sugar sauce, with a side of glow in the dark coleslaw, then having massive guilt, NOT feeling any better for having eaten it, and then being in a bloaty slouchy tired mood all afternoon.

I don’t understand how people like this can even TRY to argue the fact that THEIR way of living is better.
Us fit bitches KNOW we rock. Fuck those assholes! I am so tired of them giving ME shit for being healthy.

It’s true, I have never seen an episode of 24, nor do I give a rats about American idol, or any other shows that makes me sit on my ass for 5 hours a night. But I have summated a mountain, climbed a waterfall, biked deep in the wild where I literally biked next to deer and coyote, kayaked in a fresh glacier lake, and many other fun activities, all things I wouldn’t be able to do if I chose to sit home on my ass every night. The accomplishment one feels after pushing them self to do something out of their comfort zone is amazing. The moment I had after hiking a mountain with my friends and having a picnic on top, is worth more to me than my boxed set of Sex and the City (and what girl doesn’t love Sex and the City?).

Do you think there are old people on their death bed saying “man, I wish I would have watched all those seasons of ‘House’ before I die”. Or, do you suppose they are saying “I am so glad I got the chance to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro before I died”.

Ya, I am going to go with the latter.

Yes, of COURSE I watch TV! Who the hell doesn’t? But my life doesn’t revolve around it and what shows are on when. Set a routine, work out when you get home and PVR/DVR your shows to watch them at night.


  1. that is a lot of F bombs my dear, i do believe you feel rather passionate about this! lol
    i also pulled a swallowed a wad of drain hair face when i read her meal, then i read that you'd pulled one to and i smiled cause her meal made me want to vomit!
    i had spinach for supper tonight, that is all and it was GREAT! (okay i had baby carrots as a snack later but i think that's okay)
    (sautee spinach with some pine nuts, raisins, garlic, paprika - it's yummy)

  2. Hi F,

    I command you for courage for telling like it is. I am a fat person lol, but my mind isnt like the chick you mentioned, rather like yours as of this last 2 months. I have started a vegetarian and Rawfood juicing. I am obsulately thrilled with the way I feel now; my mental clarity as well as the way my body glows cannot be fathomed. Also, I honestly thought I was adult with ADD, lol but came to find out it was the food I was consuming that made me act like one. I truely feel sickness and so much insecurities have been lifted from my body. I have a never ending energy buzz, do not feel hungry and would feel discusted if my husband brings take outs.

    My goal is now to bring my husband and kids to try to eat my way of eating for at least 80%. I really wish to relive all the years I have wasted being fat and get actively fit.

    I can tell you with honestly that the lady you mentioned might be wishing she has the same will power and knowledge to eat and stay fit like you. But may fattiest wont admit it as it is admitting your failures point blank! Perhaps you can try to get know her on a personal level and help her. I am sure no fat person in their right mind feels there way of eating is healthy or right. It is just a defence mechanism.

    take care, love your blog.

    Ta ta

  3. Wow. Good for you starting vegetarian and raw food juicing, both not easy tasks to do. I would really like to try raw food juicing.
    First I would like to say it is really awesome of you to set a positive example for your family, the world would be a better place if all wives/mothers were like you. Keep up the good work, whenever you feel down and want to waiver, think have how far you have come and how great you feel.
    Second, I understand what you mean about the defence mechanism and the way that people (regardless if they are fat or not) don’t want to admit failure. I have tried speaking with her, she doesn’t want to hear it, and until she does, it isn’t up to me to try and force her to change. You can only change when you want to and are driven to change. The main reason I bitch so much about these people is that they are ‘allowed’ to make fun of me all day long. And we all have these people in our offices/family/circle of friends that just make US feel like we are the people in the wrong, when we know we aren’t.
    Thanks for the comment, and thanks for reading, I would love to have some of your raw food juicing recipes!