Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 16

My new gym

I like it better thus far. But this wouldn’t be a bitch blog if that was all I had to say.

The steam room and the Hot tub are outside of the change room located in the pool area which means no more naked wrinkled old lady’s bending over and showing me their old wrinkled woohaas as they get out of the hot tub. YAY.

After my work out (where I pushed it until I almost threw up, thank you) I put on my bathing suit to go in the steam room. Happy that my tan is still lingering, I scoot over the steam room and open the door.
All men are sitting inside.
"Oops, sorry" I mumble and close the door.
Oh my gosh, how embarrassing, I walked into the men's steam room.
I walk around looking for the women's steam room.
There isn't one.
So I ask a dude standing outside the steam room if it is co-ed, he shrugs and scratches his ass (??? Why would you scratch your ass in front of a half naked woman?).
He then says "UHHH, ya, I guess so"
Does he not know what co-ed means?
No one else is around to ask and I am starting to get chilli, so I just go in.
"Um, are girls allowed in here?" I ask ever so cutely.
No one answers.
So I just go in and sit down, I figure they will tell me to leave if I shouldn't be here.
It stinks of boy in here.
I am overwhelmed by speed stick and man sweat. But I don't want to leave as I just came in, left, and then came in again. So I just bear with it, hoping that none of them fart in their super relaxed hot state.

After a satisfying steam I go back to the change room and have a shower. There are ten showers in the change room. TEN. They are all empty. I go to the furthest one and have a shower (by shower I mean let the hot water pulsate on my back for as long as I can handle it). When I am done, I open the curtain to grab my towel and am startled by this old lady standing there. RIGHT outside my shower (What the heck?).
So I finish towelling off, weirded out by this lady standing way to close to me as I was showering.
I leave the shower, and notice that the rest of the showers are empty. All of them. But this old lady needed to wait for MY shower?
Is that not weird? Why do weirdo's flock to me?

I can no longer move today as all my muscles hate me and apparently want me to die. I am currently having some “me time” watching TV and writing, I just stopped the TV on this Victoria Secret Final Two, something or other. There are about 30 girls on the TV right now, and they all look exactly the same to me. They all have long blondish wavy hair, they all are tall and stupid skinny, and they all have the exact same shade of tan. I hope they all trip.

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