Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 27 find your healthy buddy

Weigh in day (booooo)
1 lb lighter (boooo)

Well, I must say, I thought it would be more, but I am happy not to gain. The losing weight wall, it seems to hit you harder each time you try.

Yesterday was truly the hardest day so far. Almost a month of being a little health food angel I seriously debated having a Caesar salad and white buttery garlic bread.

Everyone knows how hard I am trying and how committed I am...but when a falter came I mostly heard the following:
“Oh you have been so good, one bad meal won’t hurt.”
“Why don’t you have one cheat day a week?”
“After four weeks you deserve a little treat!”

That is not what I want to hear, I don’t want to hear people condoning the “bad behaviour” or giving me “permission to slip”. This is something I am committed to; I mean...I have to write about it in a blog for Christ sakes. It is The Get Fit Project, that doesn’t entail eating what you want and seeing what happens. I am trying to make hard core positive change but the response I get from most people isn’t “good for you” or “Wow that sounds really hard, you must have huge determination”. Instead I am inundated with questions:

“So you don’t eat ANY sugar?”
“But you already eat healthy.”
“Well just have one chocolate, one won’t hurt.”
“So nothing white you eat? Apples are white on the inside.”
“Are you doing this for health reasons, are you sick?”
“What do you mean you don’t eat over processed food?”
And my number one favourite: “You aren’t Fat!”

Yes, I know I am not a huge fatty, thank you for pointing that out to me. Perhaps you could tell me the colour of my hair? I am a little unsure. You are right; probably only fat people should eat healthy, skinny people shouldn’t bother to eat healthy, what’s the point? ARRRRHHHHGGG

I think this would be easier if I were REALLY fat. Do people force food on fat people?

So, frustrated with all this I was having a mini pity party when I received the following three motivational emails:

You cannot lose your focus because you are doing amazing and motivating other people with your blog and awesomeness. Now, f*ck right off and stay on that wagon.

If you stop now your whole month of strict work will go down the tubes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep going so by the end of winter you will be super skinny for spring dresses!!!!!

Now that you are 30 you need to be hot and thin so 20 year olds don't steal your man.

Clearly these emails are from someone who knows how hard it is to do this and can understand the humour that is involved in the constant battle of the bulge. (No, I am not afraid of losing my man to a 20 year old, it is the comedy of the comment.) I appreciate this type of motivation, knowing that there is someone else that will push you, and tell you the way it is, not pat you on the back and say “hey, eat this chocolate double fudge cookie, then we can be fat together and I won’t have to hear you bitch about how you found added sugar in everything you try to buy or that you want organic this and that.”

This is the ‘Fit Bitch Blog’. Not ‘Compassion for Fatties’ blog. It is being hard core super healthy fit wannabe, not being somewhat healthy most days and then being a food dummy on the weekends.

Yes, I get it. If you eat healthy if won’t hurt to have something bad once in a while, or maybe it will be hard to keep this up forever. But save that talk for when I am 20 lbs lighter, not when I barely make it over the 10lbs gone mark.

Are you trying to make a positive change in your life? Find that friend, the one that won’t give in with you. The one that will kick your butt out of bed for that 6 am run. Give you recipes that she found, or work out tips. The one that will remind you how you felt like an obese slob the last time you had a bikini on. You are eating healthy and working out. There is nothing wrong with that. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Listen to the people that are there to help you.

You know the old adage: “You can’t fly with the eagles if you are hanging out with the pigeons”

Eagles: Fit slim super healthy people, motivated people, people you want to be like
Pigeons: Fatties, unhealthy people, ignorant people

Find your healthy sponsor.


  1. i wish we were together to be eagles together! lol - what's half way between a pigeon and an eagle?

  2. nobody likes pigeons. Seriously, NOBODY!!
    I'm so proud of you.
    Here's a yummy idea for ya.
    Put a few single servings of fat free yogurt in the freezer....mmmmm, frozen yogurt (50 cals, 0 fat)

  3. hahah don't I have 7 more to send?? I am happy you liked the 3!!!

  4. Wait a sec, you don't eat ANY sugar?