Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 30!!!! One Month IN! I made it :)

After a month of eating super healthy, I am starting to get sick of the same healthy meals over and over again. In January, I am going to post a few of my favourite healthy meals and snacks, and would love to encourage any readers to send in any of their favourite healthy snacks/meals. Send your favourites to and I will happily post them and give credit.

As we know, variety is the spice of life. If I am eating 6 small meals a day, that is 2,190 meals a year. If I am eating over two thousand meals, I think it would benefit me to learn as many different ones as I can so I don't get bored with the same thing. I am always on the lookout for new recipes, ideas, tips, and tricks to keep the variety level high.

I often wonder how many other people out there are just like me. We eat healthy, we exercise, we know what is bad for us and what is good for us, so why are we still not losing the weight we need? I watch all these TV shows with these fatties that eat chips and cookies every night, while they sit in front of the TV, and eat things like pizza, KFC, Chinese food, greasy store bought microwave lasagne, and burgers and fries for super. I mean, come on, CLEARY these people are fat for a reason.

But what about the rest of us? The ones who order the grilled chicken with no mayo on whole wheat bread with a salad, dressing on the side.

Who don't drink juice because who wants to drink their calories?

Who don't eat out at fast food places and have dessert after every meal.

Who take vitamins, drink lots of water, and are active.

I mean, sure...we are not huge fatties like the KFC guzzlers who think things like chicken broccoli alfredo is healthy because it has broccoli in it. Um, news flash, just because you put a vegetable on something, doesn't annihilate the rest of the fat and badness located in your meal. Think about having a cigarette that has calcium added to it. One time my aunt told her little granddaughter that she was so proud of her for eating spinach dip because it was really healthy for her. Mayo mixed with melted butter, additives, and a few leaves of chopped spinach, on top of a bacon dipper cracker. yes, so very healthy.

Sorry, I got of track there, so yes. What about the rest of us who know what is healthy and what isn't. We would be shocked to learn how much crap we are consuming along with all our goodness.

So send those recipes in! Don’t forget to put your name at the bottom so I know who to thank. Please send in actual recipes, not just snack ideas, actual recipes.
Send those recipes in by February 28, 2010.
Thank you so much.

(Fit Bitch will be on Christmas Vacation soon!)

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