Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 18

Today I am taking a class called BOSU Bootcamp.
Great, bootcamp means it will be hard, and I will have a mean instructor yelling at me to do "JUST FIVE MORE" and then when I do five more, she will say "THAT WAS TOO EASY GIVE ME FIVE MORE!" Then I will pant and sweat and my muscles will be so sore, but I will feel awesome and satisfied with my workout afterwards.

Good, this is what I want, I am a super healthy fit nut now, so I have to do stuff like this, not have, WANT to do stuff like this. A BOSU ball is the half balls you see around the gym, they are flat on one side and then the other side is just like a regular exercise ball.

I grab my BOSU-ball and a set of 12 lb weights, ready to give my core the sever lashing it so deserves. I look around and try to find the instructor, but don't see anyone looking bitchy enough to be a bootcamp instructor so I figure she isn't here yet, until this low voice cutey pants flower print donning hoop earring wearing long blond hair not even in a ponytail starts talking about how we are going to warm up.

Hmmm, not what I pictured as a bootcamp leader, but I am sure she will still make us push it. Right? I have a bad habit of pre judging people. I do not want anyone bigger or more out of shape then I am teaching me how to work out. You wouldn’t go to a dermatologist with an acne-wrinkle problem, or a fat nutritionist.
Our warm up starts similar to a step class, but instead of stepping on a nice hard solid surface, we are stepping up onto a BOSU Ball. Have you ever stepped on a BOSU? It is exactly like you would think, you step on it, and your ankles and feet cramp up as you are trying to stabilize yourself, my feet were so sore by the end of this class. Nothing else was sore except my feet. The whole class I spend all my time trying to balance instead of squatting and stepping and lunging and getting the work out I so desire. Now, I do understand that you use your core to balance, I am not a complete idiot, but there are other ways to engage your core while working out other than falling all over a wobbly half ball.

What is worse? At the end of the class we had to pair up and toss this stupid small ball back and forth, then we had to toss two balls, then one of us had to have our eyes closed while our partner tries to not the ball out of our hand. Then we all had milk and cookies and settled down for nap time.

I don't think you should leave an hour workout class with half a bottle of water left and no sweat on your brow. This was a waste of time, this is a class I would go to if I wanted an easy occasion to play with balls, however I can do that at home.

After class I ran for 25 minutes and then powered my oblique and abs with some kettle bell lifting and V-sits, getting twice the work out in half the time I am sure. Tomorrow I am trying a new class, wish me luck.


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  2. YOU CAN DO IT! It is easier and easier after each day. There are lots of supportive women on this blog that can help with all those tough times.

  3. Nice to hear some 'real' comments from a participant. I used to teach BOSU bootcamp and when I would ask 'how did it go?', i only ever heard 'oh, it was great!' By the sounds of it, they were most likely lying.

    P.S. I too lie to my participants. Here's a heads up, when an instructor says 'JUST FIVE MORE', get ready for at least eight!!

  4. Perhaps your bootcamp was better as you are not chubby and prissy like my last instructor? I seem to recall seeing you in a magazine spread baring all abs, something tells me you know how to work a BOSU! I wouldn't complain about a BOSU class that would give me abs like yours.