Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 21 (Circuit Class)

Remember a few entries ago when I totally bashed a lame-o BOSU class I took? Well Karma came around and hit me hard in the ass today.

My new favourite instructor in the whole wide world is so toned I am sure I could bounce quarters off her stomach. Nothing on her wiggles at any time, and she could probably bench me with one hand while doing backward clap push ups.

Class starts off with some quick step cardio. Fun and challenging but thankfully not to choreographed (thank god!) I would fall over my two left feet if I had to handle anything more than step, v-step, march in place. (I can't even make my hands work the same time as my legs, I must look like a back pain relief commercial.) I am glad most dance aerobics classes have stayed circa 1980 along with those dreadful leotards, bathing suit looking things, awful headbands, and coloured leggings over white sneakers. Can you imagine working out in that get up? Wedgie central I am sure.

After our warm up? Intense circuit training with 3 cardio drills in between. Oh My God.

I learned things to do that I never would fathom to do on my own, and I found muscles that I didn't know existed. Circuit stations ranged from push up (not the wimpy girl push ups I am so used to, but the full on all the way down real push ups with one hand balanced on a medicine ball to maximize every balancing inch in my body), burpees and shinnies that I haven't done since high school track practice, and a little thing called the "inchworm" which made me realize that my shoulders have clearly never been worked out to their full capacity.

After dropping and holding planks more times that I can remember, my entire core has a satisfying ache that now makes me shake uncontrollably in my ‘arms over my head as it is tougher’ v-sit, I wince in frustration that my abs are giving out on me, and I hear:


I want to punch her......but I love her for pushing me (I am a super fit wannabe you know).

Circuit classes are an amazing way to push you further. You can alter certain moves and workouts and go faster on the drills to push yourself harder. You don’t have to focus on anything other than doing your best and pushing yourself. The instructor will tell you when to move, what you are doing wrong, what you are doing right, when your halfway, when to switch. Combining cardiovascular fitness along with resistance training in an hour class, switching between the two, can provide a great full body workout. Keeps your heart rate up and provides a variety of different workouts at a short period of time each, so you don’t get bored. If you are looking for a class to give you a full workout, I recommend one such as this.

I have to go back on Thursday (shudder).


  1. OMG I need to do a backward clap push up immediately! haha

    I am not a class person but this one sounds awesome, can I come with you on Thursday?

  2. i want those hot pink leggings!

  3. i have those hot pink leggings