Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas is coming! (Day 23)

I feel as if something is going to give this month, with Christmas just a mere 2 weeks away, the office has started with the abundance of sweets and treats.
I advised my office that I am, *ahem* "busy" on the staff party dinner night which includes the usual holiday feast: turkey soaked in gravy with mashed butter and potato slop, carrots (also coated in butter) and cranberry sugar goodness...I mean badness, and the yummiest, oh I mean the yuckiest...Stuffing.

Stuffing has all the tasty awfulness that makes Christmas and Thanksgiving the two days of the year where you eat only one meal, but yet consume enough calories to make up six meals. Now, I am not sure if you are used to dry stupid stuffing like I used to have when I was a kid, but the kind I am used too now (and need to have) is so fregging yummy, that it is hard to turn away.

Except this year. Because I am not making it, nor am I going anywhere that serves it. Sorry office, I regret to inform you I am busy the night of the Staff Christmas Party, I have a prior engagement (by prior I mean fictitious). No unlimited dessert table for me this year.

"What's wrong with Christmas dinner? Turkey and vegetables are good for you"

Yes, correct you are missy, but I really don’t think most people have turkey that isn't doing the backstroke in gravy, or veggies that haven't been mashed up with equal parts butter, and what is this yam potato with marshmallow fluff I hear so much about, it sounds like a dessert, but apparently people eat this as a dinner side. The sound of it makes me want to hurl. What if some of the fluff touches your turkey or gravy? ew.

Healthy option for Christmas diner?
1. No Gravy. Flour, fat, and salt? NO!
2. Roast your potatoes with spices and olive oil do not mash them with butter.
3. Have mashed yams/sweet potatoes (do not add butter or weird fluffy mallow).
4. Roasted squash.
5. Roasted turkey or chicken is good. Do not coat it in fat. I once saw a turkey that was covered in bacon, why was this done? To keep the moisture in. Well, if you learn how to cook a turkey right, it won’t be dry.
6. Have steamed veggies! Who says you can’t have asparagus with turkey?
7. Side salad? Yum!
8. Roasted apple for dessert, use cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts, raisins, etc.
9. No nog.
10. Um, don’t sit next to the chocolates.

An average basic turkey dinner can yield over 1000 calories. This does not included a lot of butter or gravy, and definitely doesn’t include candied yam marshmallow, or casseroles, or anything “extra”. Add to this the before dinner treats, the after dinner dessert, the liquor, the second or third helping, and you can easily indulge in over 5000 calories for one evening.

You best get your butt to the gym for a 20 hour workout before, and after, this meal.


  1. Yo fitbitch,
    Although I agree with your calorie comments and overindulging habits tributed to holiday festivities, I was dissapointed to hear you are not attending your Xmas party.
    If you want a diet to work (this coming from someone who has a ton of experiences dieting for fitness competition) you can't replace will-power with avoidance. Commiting to a diet and a healthier lifestyle is difficult enough; why take away all the things you love the most like social acitivities such as Xmas Parties!!!
    Here's what I've done in the past if I was dieting over the holidays. While everyone is rushing to make it on time (or to be first in line for the buffet) you can take an extra hour or two to BEAUTIFY yourself. Put on a sexy and glamourous outifit, do you hair, do you make-up and eat a healthy snack before you go. The secret to success? Show up looking and feeling amazing once everyone has already eaten.
    WE all know the party doesn't end the second the food stops. You'll have at least an hour or two to enjoy the holdays with your co-workers.
    And, if anyone ask, you couldn't make it because you had to attend your 'beau's' Xmas party as well that evening (that way no will force you to eat...or at least try to).
    Best of luck fitbitch.

  2. Yes! I completely agree with not avoiding social activities that you love. However, I do not love this. This particular Christmas party was JUST dinner. No drinks & dance afterwards, not even prizes. Not something I was upset to miss.

    You will be happy to know that I am attending our regular work Christmas activities (gift exchange, drinks, and a catered buffet) where I made healthy snacks, and specially requested some healthier food to be served which they were actually happy to do.

    Thanks for the comment, you have inspired a new article for me to write, stay tuned :) and thank you for reading the FIT BITCH BLOG.