Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 19

Expecting to see my cubicle office decorated in "YOU'RE 30" paraphernalia and cake, I was extremely happy to come to work and find a simple Happy Birthday sign and some flowers (awwww).

I thanked everyone for the flowers in lieu of cake, but as soon as those words left my mouth a colleague brought over a huge box of glazed cinnamon doughnut roll things, fresh from the bakery, so warm and squishy with melty gooppy icing.

In a huge testament of my will power and devotion to the get fit project I did not have any! Yay me. I didn’t even have any when the line “but it’s your birthday” or “but I bought them especially for you” or you have been doing so great, what’s one little doughnut?”
Instead I just said “Thank you very much for the donuts, and even though I am not eating any it will make me happy to share them with the office, and I appreciate your gesture.”

So I passed them around the office (AND when people said "no thank you" I said "OK" and walked away, I did not say "it's my birthday, you have to have one" or "one won't hurt" and it was easy to not push food down someone's throat. Now, they all better remember this the next time I say I don't want any of their food.

I have three left on my desk, I am not going to push them on someone as "there is only a few left" or “I don’t want them to go to waste”. I am going to throw them in the garbage as the people here need another doughnut like I need a fork shoved into my eye.

I did receive some flack about not having one of my own birthday donuts when someone went out and bought them for me in a snow storm, but instead chomped happily on an apple. YOU chose to get them, not me, what more do you want from me other than a thank you? To eat it and then feel miserable all day long? Would that make you feel better?

I specifically said no birthday cake; do people think doughnuts are healthier than cake? Is it because people eat them for breakfast?

Doughnut? Donut? DO NOT!

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  1. Happy 30th fitbitch!!

    Just that we are entering our 30's our metabolism is slowing down. How exciting.

    Glad you were the first to go...