Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 29 Go to the gym please

I am a massive klutz. Embarrassing things happen to me all the time, and really I should have a reality show. There would be a whole clip show of my gym bloopers.


I was watching the show ‘Friends’ while I was on the elliptical and laughed out loud so hard that I snorted.

I fell OFF that stupid BOSU ball. Like, right off. On to the floor.

I was swimming laps, and swam right into the wall

I slipped on my way into the hot tub

My bathing suit made a “farting” sound when I sat down in the steam room

After my shower, I was wrapped in a towel and had my hair up in a towel and hit the shower button with my elbow and got completely soaked

So, if anyone out there doesn’t want to go to the gym because they thing they will look stupid and make a fool out of themselves....just come with me.

I feel bad for girls who are worried that they will make a fool of themselves, or they will mess up in the classes, or not know how to use equipment, or just do something wrong. They don’t need to. There are people there all the time that make mistakes, and a little secret? Most people at the gym, LIKE to show you how to use something, or do something, it makes them feel like they are a pro. Plus, everyone has to learn.

The other not going to the gym excuse I don’t get is when people say they would like to lose some weight before going to the gym. What? Do you also clean your house before the maid comes?

There are a lot of out of shape people at the gym. Do not worry about that, everyone wants to see someone try. I have the cutest little old lady at my gym walking at a snail’s pace on the treadmill, it is just adorable. So just get out there and try. You will be surprise how non-embarrassed you will be. And if you are still worried about being embarrassed, just come to my gym and work out near me.

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  1. there's nothing wrong with cleaning the house before the maid comes