Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 17

Business Lunch meetings.
I hate them.
For the following reasons:
1. They are so long.
2. They always involve drinks.
3. ‘The company is paying’ so let’s eat and drink as much as we can fit into our bellies.
Today’s meeting was lunch at a pub. Pub food is not Get Fit Project friendly. Nothing on the menu looked edible to me, but my starving belly and I settled on a steak with a side garden salad. Luckily my waitress was an absolute doll and asked the chef to make sure there was no barbecue sauce, and to cook it “dry” with just pepper and garlic (it was so good) and of course I only ate 4oz of my steak, and no dressing on the salad. Everyone else filled themselves with bread, fries, beer, hi balls, pop, large steaks, poutine, deep fried something, and a dessert big enough to share with three people.
ALL THROUGH THE MEAL this is what I heard:
“Why aren’t you drinking?”
“Why don’t you want BBQ sauce?”
“No dressing on your salad?”
“Don’t you want a drink?”
“I suppose you aren’t going to have dessert either?”
“Just have a little drink.”
“Doesn’t your steak taste gross?”
“How are your mouthfuls of lettuce?”
“Do you want a martini?”
How annoying. I had enough, and had a little “snap” at one of our associates. He asked me for the billionth time why I am not drinking (apparently the answer “I don’t want any” is not acceptable, perhaps he was hopping I was pregnant—which I thought about saying, but then I would have some major explaining to do in 6 months when I am skinnier instead of fatter), I couldn’t take it anymore, with a serious face I say:
“I am a recovering alcoholic, and I would appreciate it if you stop forcing liquor on me.”
Everyone stares at me with wide eyes and I can see the guilt fill their eyes. Ha ha jerks, that shut you up. People look uncomfortable, well except the two people who know that I am not a recovering alcoholic, and of course (as they are a few drinks in) start busting out laughing and ruin my show. Now everyone is laughing (Jeeze, what if I really did have a drinking problem? You can have a drinking problem without being a full on alcoholic right?).
Why the force? Why can’t people accept the fact that I don’t want liquor? If the waitress comes over and asks me if I want a drink and I say “no” why does that open up a flood gate of questions?
When they ordered fries instead of a salad, did I ask them “why are your ordering fries and not a salad? Are you trying to gain weight?”
I think I may say this next time. In fact, I think I will.

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  1. my favorite is "how are your mouthfuls of lettuce".