Monday, January 3, 2011

Who resolved to lose weight in 2011?

So it’s a new year, did you (along with the rest of the developed world) resolve to lose weight this year?

Get a tape worm and continue on with your life, or actually make a change. Now, this doesn’t mean buying a diet book and reading part of it, or reading fitness magazines only to throw it in your bathroom for toilet reading. Pick a diet, any diet, and you will lose weight. AS LONG AS YOU STICK WITH IT.

This is the problem: People don’t stick to their diets. Because diets are hard. Period. It is that simple, really it is. Do you know how many flipping books and diets and eating plans and half finished food journals I have? A scale to measure food, old Weight Watcher books, Atkins, low carb, South Beach Diet, Vegan diet books, raw food diet books, you freaking name it, I have tried it (except of course for ridiculously stupid diets like the hormone or cookie diet, I mean...come on!).

The truth of the matter is, that no matter what diet you pick, it will only work if you STICK WITH IT. Personally, I think the only thing anyone needs to do is stop being a winey excuse making baby and get off your ass and go work out, and work out HARD, then eat healthy natural food. Period. It is that simple. Really it is if you think about it. Our extra pounds aren’t just going to get up and walk away (wouldn’t it be nice if they did? “Dear extra poundage, please fuck off” and they would run away crying for their mommy and we would be left skinny!) but in reality, we have to beat the shit out of them with workouts until they are tortured and can’t take anymore and leave our body for good and go attach themselves to some other fatty.

Yeah, I know....easier said than done. We all fall of the wagon, especially during the holidays; there is no dieting in December right? I actually think I consumed more calories and alcohol this month than I did all year. Doesn’t mean I gorged on cheezies and fast food. But let’s be realistic, you have many diner parties, Christmas dinners (3 for me this year...thankfully not all in one day as some people I know have to do), office parties, friends parties, and of course New Years Parties (the last day people stuff themselves as “the diet starts tomorrow” but then really you are so hung over January 1 that you have McDonalds for breakfast and you sleep all day)...where was I? Oh yes, it is inevitable that you will over indulge during the holidays, which makes the drastic change for your New Year’s resolution to lose weight that much harder. Take it one step at a time, if you fall of the wagon, jump back on. Don’t forget to work out (yes, I am going to follow my own advice).

Fortunately, this year all my friends are ‘dieting’ as we are all going to Mexico in May. That means I am surrounded by people who want to lose weight or get into better shape over the next five months. No one wants to have their flab flapping around on the beach! And two-pieces are sexier than one-pieces! And bikinis and cameras are a scary combination—especially if you have been drinking beer and cocktails all day! If I constantly remind myself how gross I was last year on the beach, I think my subconscious will take over and automatically make my eyes see only veggies, and do away with cravings completely.

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