Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween candy lying around? Throw it out. Now.

I would have rather given out Kashi bars and raisins, but I didn’t want my house egged. And if you give out apples, people think you are a creep who puts razor blades in food, plus I would wake up to a car covered in TP I am sure....so mini chocolate bars it was.
Instead of stalking up on extra Halloween favourites like last year (Reese peanut butter cups and Twix bars) this year I planned on only buying the Halloween candy and chocolates that I didn’t like (Smarties and Coffee Crisps-blah) as I don’t want to have any temptation in the house.

This is a good rule to have all the time. Rid your home of temptation. You can’t eat it if it isn’t there. How many people will throw out the leftover Halloween candy do you think?

“Wahhh, but I don’t want to waste it”

Waste what? Your transfatty fructose bars? You already paid for them, you can’t get the money back regardless if you eat them or not. If you don’t eat them, that’s healthy and good. If you do eat them that is crap for your insides that you don’t need. Throw them out.

Today at work? You guessed it, mini chocolate bars and candy EVERYWHERE! People where sitting at their desk in piles of candy wrappers, running around all day on sugar highs, I think our productivity for the day was up by 200% that is until 2pm came and everyone hit a wall and acted like a slug for the rest of the day.

One woman had about 10 mini bags of chips. She validated it by saying there is only a handful per bag. Sigh. This is the same type of mentality that goes through peoples mind when they eat ten 100 calorie pack snacks. “Oh, there is only 100 calories per pack; I can have as many as I want”. 1,000 calories later, you are ready for lunch. Gag me.

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