Thursday, November 18, 2010

Q: Fast food that is FIT BITCH FRIENDLY?

So  sometimes we do have to eat out at fast food places. Now, I do not endorse these places, nor should you eat at them just because they are mentioned on this list. This list is my personal list of places where I would grab a quick meal if I had too. There are everyday eat out places, and then there are those places that you are only eating at because you have too (road tripping across Canada, have ten minutes for lunch, work meetings where you don’t get to pick the place, you are too hungover to think about preparing your own food, you are dating a new guy and aren’t acting yourself around him yet, etc...)

Now, unfortunately these places are not everywhere, some of them are just in one province or state, and some you may not have even heard of as there are only a few around. If you have some locations you would like to share, please leave your favourite places in the comment section. Share your ideas with the other readers, and give me some ideas as well.

OK my fast faves:

Sunterra, Main Dish, Pete’s Frootique....any gourmet fast meal places
Salad bar, beach chickpea, veggie salads pre-made, local food prepared healthy, sandwiches on multi grain bread, broth based soups made fresh daily, pre-cooked meals that you can grab and take back to work or home to heat up (salmon, roast chicken or beef).

You cannot get much better than Freshii. You could eat there every day AND they take many steps to be environmentally friendly so you can feel good about eating healthy and being good to the world.

Mucho Burrito
A whole wheat wrap filled with beans, veggies (chicken if you would like), skip the cheese, sour cream and guac, add more veggies and salsa and you have a quick healthy burrito! You can also ask for had cheese, no rice, extra veggies. I love it!

I don’t eat here. I dislike it. But no cheese and fatty sauce plus some whole wheat bread is a better choice than a lot of fast places. They have salad too, so if you are stuck, Subways not a bad place. I think I just hate it so much for the following reasons:
1. Jarrod the Subway guy annoys the shit out of me
2. I ate way too many ‘6 inch tuna with extra pickles’ when I was a teenager

Wendy’s (or other Fast Food Places that serve salads)
A healthier salad without pouring dressing all over it (obviously you aren’t going to get the one with deep fried chicken or bacon on it) and a baked potato (no cheese and other crap on it). I do not go to fast food burger places, I don’t particularly like to torture myself with the smell of salty French fries, so I assuming the following: I am sure you could order a grilled chicken sandwich (without mayo of course).

Swiss Chalet
Chicken dinner with white meat, remove the skin yourself, add a salad as your side (garden or greek) and dressing on the side, skip the dipping sauce and of course don’t get a white bun slathered in butter.

Now, I am sure there are a million Greek restaurants out there names “Opa” but I am talking about the fast food chain. Yes, they serve gross fries and some weird hamburger pita wrap that I am sure is bad for you. However, they also serve a tasty Greek salad and chicken souvlaki.

Sushi is quick, however a lot of white rice is empty carbs which translates to sugar, so order more sashimi with a bowl of miso soup (yes, I know miso soup is high in sodium, but tofu, miso, onions and seaweed are good for you! Drink lots of water and watch your sodium intake for the rest of the day).

Japanese soup
Again, I know these can be high in sodium, but if you are eating healthy all the time, some extra sodium one day isn’t going to kill you. Get soup with lots of veggies and buckwheat (soba) noodles.

Wok Box
Typically these stir-fry meals are served with noodles or rice, but you can ask for extra veggies instead!

Tim Hortons
What kind of Canadian would I be if I didn’t eat at Tim Hortons? Sure I favour a skim cafe latte over a plain Jane Tim hortons coffee, but what office doesn’t have a brown box of donuts on the staff room table?
The thing with Tim Hortons, and most fast food places, is that the food is high in sodium, and everything is prepared commercially, however, you can find a lot of items to eat at Tim Hortons that are less than 300 calories (soups, those little snack wrap things). These foods are not ideal, but will do in a pinch.
Being the power bitch that I am, I would rather just tell you to never eat fast food burgers and fries. Make your own at home! It will taste better and save your body from crappy re-used oil that has been sitting in a fryer for a week, blah!

Jugo Juice (or other smoothie place)
*look at the ingredients to your smothie, don’t get ones made with sherbert or some other shit. Alot of smoothie places also have paninis and wraps, just check the ingredients and make the best choice.

Do you have a favourite healthy fast food? Leave it in the comment section below:


  1. Quizno's small sized subs without cheese or dressing are usually under 400 calories.

    Always choose Mustard instead of mayo!

  2. If you Canadians are traveling to the U.S. try Panera Bread.

  3. Also, lots of vegetarian and vegan restaurants are an obvious healthy choice, I don’t know of any ‘fast food’ ones though.